Convicted of the murder of his daughter and ex-partner, he died two days after the verdict of his trial

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Thomas Fourcroy

On Sunday June 23 at 9:15 p.m., RMC Découverte broadcasts Let the accused enter. An issue returning to a unique case in French legal history, that of an incestuous father responsible for a double murder, Dennis Mannechez.

This Sunday, Let the accused enter will focus on a particular case in French legal history, a unique case, that of Denis Mannechez. An incestuous father, guilty of having murdered his partner, who was also his daughter. A crime which followed multiple rapes, notably against another of his daughters, Betty… Mannechez, a man found dead in prison, only two days after his conviction, in 2018.

Denis Mannechez, a manipulative father at the height of horror

Already in 2012, Denis Mannechez faced justice. Before the courts to answer charges of repeated rape against his two daughters, Virginie and Betty, this father had revealed the side of a powerful manipulator. Quickly, during the beginning, those close to him put pressure on his daughters who denied their statements. His wife covered for him, speaking of consensual acts. Convicted of complicity, she saw her husband receive only five years in prison, three of which were suspended. A trial that could have alerted the authorities, but Mannechez persevered in horror. His daughter Virginie thus became his new companion and after moving in with her father, gave him a new child. It was only in October 2014 that the 33-year-old decided to leave him, which he could not bear. In Gisors, in Eure, he shot dead his ex-partner, but also his boss, a mechanic who had chosen to shelter him and his son.

“His body gave him what he wanted”

After the double murder, Mannechez shot himself and was in a coma for several months. Tried in December 2018, he benefited from special conditions, having become mute and hemiplegic. Still conscious, he used specialized software and a tablet to respond to the jurors. Sentenced to life imprisonment on December 19, he finally died two days later in the Fresnes prison hospital, the victim of a cardiac arrest. In the columns of ParisianMe Marc François, his lawyer, returned to the death of his client, at the age of 56: “His heart gave out. He had no heart problem, it was completely unexpected. His body somehow gave him back what he had wished for in 2014: he had missed his suicide, and ultimately he died two days later The verdict.”



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