Fire: prevent fire outbreaks by clearing brush

Fire: prevent fire outbreaks by clearing brush
Fire: prevent fire outbreaks by clearing brush

Response to a risk area

We know it, the Was is a department high fire risks. With 76% combustible spacesit is the department the most wooded in France. Let us add to this its climate et sa topographyboth springboards to incendiary dangers, there are often questions of drama. To overcome this, since 2016, the law has given departments a crucial role in the measures of defense of forests against fires. It allows a joint work between them, the forestry sapperswhere the private companies. In protection against fire outbreakswe recognized the departmental roads as particularly effectivethe work of clearing therefore concentrate around these. During the winter of 2023, in the Var, the department carried out its works along the RD14 ; Jean-Louis Massonpresident of the departmental council, visited to workers to report onproject effectiveness.

The work is concentrated along departmental roads.

An effective initiative

“The more work is carried out and structures maintained, the better we will succeed in containing the fire and preventing it from developing. » Delphine CAPPELLA, risk and fire department

Last year, le Var declares approximately 80 fire outbreaks, none did not lead to a case ofmajor fire. Work continues this year prove their effectivenessand everyone mobilizes, and with thoroughness. Intervention teams select meticulously species botanical important, those which must remain, and those which can be cleared. Some are more flammable and must therefore be cutothers live together badly and must be more spaced apart…The project managers analyze all these aspects carefully to respect the ecosystem forest. They redistribute furthermore then wood cut to companies revaluation of woodwhere he will live second life.

The challenge of the summer season

“Often, departures are a human cause. » Delphine CAPPELLA, risk and fire department

During summer, Jean-Louis MASSON calls on residents and seasonal workers alike to adopt responsible actions. They contribute to the forest health Varoise, and avoid drama useless. “People are not necessarily aware of the fire risk, they come from other regions,” reminds us Delphine CAPPELLA. So, the forestry sappers of Var organize awareness campaignsin addition to being responsible for the surveillance of the massif. Finally, the department and all those involved in the forest protection project against fires hope for conscience collective which, coupled with road workswill prevent the spread of fire in the Var.

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