Presidential election in the United States: Trump and Biden sharpen their weapons before a crucial debate

Presidential election in the United States: Trump and Biden sharpen their weapons before a crucial debate
Presidential election in the United States: Trump and Biden sharpen their weapons before a crucial debate

On Thursday, Joe Biden headed to Camp David, the country residence of American presidents near Washington, to discuss this confrontation. Few details have filtered out about the 81-year-old Democrat’s preparation, except that Ron Klain, his former chief of staff, will take part and that there will be many rehearsals during which a participant – including the identity is not known – will play the role of Donald Trump.

Unlike Joe Biden, Donald Trump does not need to be prepared by his collaborators

On the other hand, for Donald Trump, “no dress rehearsal”, we assure, not without a certain contempt for the opposing camp. “Unlike Joe Biden, he does not need to be prepared by his collaborators, nor do he need to be doped with chemicals,” criticized Jason Miller, one of his advisers.

“It’s going to be a great night!” »

In the absence of these classic training sessions, the ex-president surrounded himself with influential senators and vice-presidential candidates to discuss issues likely to be addressed, such as foreign policy. or immigration. Sentenced to criminal charges in New York at the end of May, he will also have to outline a robust strategy in the event that his legal troubles come to light.

The debate on Thursday, June 27, scheduled for 9 p.m. (3 a.m. French time, this Friday) in Atlanta, is the third meeting of this type between the two men. “It’s going to be a great night!” », assured Donald Trump, predicting audience scores similar to those of the ultra-popular final of the American football championship, the Super Bowl.

Everything about the presidential election in the United States

Framed exchanges

Anxious to avoid the cacophony of the first debate of 2020 – during which the two candidates spent an hour and a half insulting each other – the CNN channel adopted a series of rules supposed to regulate their exchanges.

“Let him say what he thinks”

Joe Biden outlined his debate strategy during a recent interview with ABC. He intends to “let him say what he thinks and push him in a direction such that he will speak, for example, of suspending the Constitution. All I have to do is listen to what he says, remind people what he says, what I believe and what he believes.”

The Biden camp is therefore betting on restraint in the face of the excesses of the Republican billionaire, whom the Democratic president presents as a “danger to democracy”.

Right to abortion, defense of democracy…

If Joe Biden wanted a debate much earlier than usual – these big duels generally take place in the fall – it is because he is betting that the Americans have somehow forgotten Donald Trump and that it would be enough to refresh their memory.

At the end of May, Jen O’Malley Dillon, president of her campaign team, indicated that the American president would attack Donald Trump on the right to abortion, the defense of democracy, as well as on his plans for ” tax cuts for billionaires.

They’re going to dope him!

But beyond the substance, it is also, perhaps above all, the form that Joe Biden must convince, whom Donald Trump’s supporters accuse of being senile.

It has been a long time since the American president, whose cautious gait and sometimes difficult speech betray his age, has not appeared live, standing, for a broadcast of an hour and a half. His supporters hope to find the same level of energy as during his State of the Union speech, admittedly particularly lively, delivered in March. Donald Trump then insinuated, without the slightest proof, that the Democrat could then have consumed cocaine. And, as if to anticipate that Joe Biden would be, once again, in great shape, the Republican repeated these allegations on Tuesday: “They are going to drug him! “.



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