“The last movie star” This director is full of praise for Tom Cruise, only he can do that

“The last movie star” This director is full of praise for Tom Cruise, only he can do that
“The last movie star” This director is full of praise for Tom Cruise, only he can do that

News culture “The last movie star” This director is full of praise for Tom Cruise, only he can do that

Published on 06/21/2024 at 11:00

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While no one wanted to give him a chance, Tom Cruise finally managed to convince the public by playing this main character from the 90s.

In 1994, Neil Jordan directed “Interview With The Vampire”, a film that became iconic, largely thanks to Tom Cruise’s performance as Lestat de Lioncourt. The choice of this actor to play this charismatic and complex vampire sparked considerable controversy. Fans of Anne Rice’s books, from which the feature film is adapted, and the author herself, have expressed doubts about her ability to play this character. Anne Rice described this choice as “so weird it’s almost impossible to imagine how it’s going to work“. These initial criticisms were widely shared by the public and the press.

Despite these reservations, Tom Cruise approached the role with his usual commitment. Neil Jordan has expressed his admiration for him. He acknowledged that this controversy must have been difficult for the actor to bear, but he always believed in his talent. According to Jordan, Cruise has a unique ability to surprise audiences, saying that when he decides to do something, he does it in a way that shocks and awe viewers.. Jordan even goes so far as to call Tom Cruise a “last movie star“, in an interview for The Guardianhighlighting the rarity of this type of charisma and presence in today’s film industry.

It must have been very difficult for him. The whole world said: “ You made a mistake. » Tom became the last remaining movie star. It’s a bit strange.

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The evolution of Anne Rice’s opinion and the success of the film

Neil Jordan had a very good intuition in following his choice. When the film came out, Anne Rice changed her mind. After seeing Cruise’s performance, she called him personally to apologize for his previous comments. She credited Cruise for capturing the essence of Lestat in a way that exceeded her and fans’ expectations. This turnaround helped improve the public perception of Tom Cruise in this role. “Interview With The Vampire” was financially successful, grossing $223.7 million against an original budget of $60 million. Much of this success was attributed to the chemistry between Cruise and Brad Pitt, who played Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat’s vampiric protégé.

Neil Jordan and his team then began considering a sequel, centered on Lestat, by adapting “The Vampire Lestat”, the second book in Rice’s series. Unfortunately, this project never came to fruition. The success of the first film was not enough to launch an immediate sequel, and various complications prevented Cruise’s return to the role.

Lestat’s legacy and attempted sequels

In 2002, an attempt to continue the story was made with “Queen of the Damned”, a film which merged elements from Rice’s second and third books. However, this adaptation did not meet with the critical and commercial success hoped for.. Stuart Townsend replaced Tom Cruise as Lestat, and the film was widely criticized. Anne Rice herself disavowed this film, asking her fans to forget it. This negative reaction highlighted the importance of Cruise’s performance and the difficulty of replicating his impact in this role.

Tom Cruise’s performance in “Interview With The Vampire” therefore remains an example of his ability to embody complex and fascinating characters: on this point, he was the only one to have been congratulated. Neil Jordan continues to regard him as a unique figure in contemporary cinema, capable of captivating audiences in a way that few actors can imitate. According to Jordan, Cruise represents a kind of disappearing movie star, whose presence and talent transcend criticism and expectations. This legacy solidifies Cruise’s place not only as a talented actor, but as one of cinema’s last true icons.

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