NEWS: 620 students took part in Olympic day!

This Wednesday was the 13th edition of Olympic Day in Samara. For the occasion, 620 students were introduced to numerous Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines. A look back at this event organized by the CDOS and the USEP Somme.

The organization, led by CDOS (Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee) with the appreciable assistance of l’USEP, also relies on the goodwill of the Department whose elected officials were unfortunately absent due to the electoral campaign. The program was almost the same as in previous years with ideal weather, the presence of 620 students came from all over the department with their teachers.

The program included the trifle of 30 workshopsmost representing Olympic discipliness, but others more unique with totally original games. For example, young people had the opportunity to learn about water rocket launch, a spectacular ordeal if ever there was one. The goal was to introduce this discipline, he told us. Christelle Demory, facilitator at the Foyers Ruraux de la Somme and de l’Aisne, who has been teaching this discipline for 31 years.

In cycling, some young people had never been on a bike and they sometimes became discouraged very quickly if, unfortunately, they found themselves on the ground. The president of the Somme cycling committee, also treasurer of the CDOS, Jacky Crepin, bitterly deplored the fact that, in the department, no BMX track existed and it was a step backwards that was noted. However, the latter gave two pieces of advice to young people: wear a helmet and a fluorescent vest to avoid being hit.

The golf workshop caught our attention, because a year ago, it was held by Daniel Lefevre member of the CDOS and has since disappeared. The Somme de golf committee then called on a former member of the Salouël clubtoday in Lille, employee of the Ligue des Hauts-de-France: Calypso Vauchelle. We noted that several departmental committees had called on technicians from neighboring committees to provide assistance, such as the women’s football CTR in the Hauts-de-France League, Laurence Demailly who made a duo with Hacène Kichou, who will also find his long-time club: Porto. As we passed the weightlifting workshop, we learned that Ludovic Huré was going to replace at the start of the school year Bruno Maier as CTR of the Ligue des Hauts-de-France. This is good news as CTRs are rarely Samarian.

At midday, the time came for the speeches which saw, initially, Marcel Glavieux welcome his return to business, after his injury which cost him three months of total leave: “We are in a special year, he stressed. But this afternoon I want to highlight the volunteers and the young people and finally, I hope that the Academy will show more flexibility”. It is indeed a good thing to ask that young people do more sport at school but we must also give them the means which is not always the case because the Academy sometimes resembles the Army: c She’s a great Mute.

Representative and president of USEP Somme, Frederic Dordain thanked the departmental committees who supported this day and a colleague who set up the Torch Relay. Finally, Jean Jacques Stoter departmental advisor and who was a little at home, declared that for him, it was a pleasure to find himself in Samara and that today and even more tomorrow finding volunteers will be really complicated.

This Olympic Day ended with the awards ceremony and all the kids left with nice gifts.

Lionel Herbet
Photo credit: Lionel Herbet – Gazette Sports



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