Léna, 20 years old, won 2,500 euros which she dedicates to disadvantaged young people

Léna, 20 years old, won 2,500 euros which she dedicates to disadvantaged young people
Léna, 20 years old, won 2,500 euros which she dedicates to disadvantaged young people

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10 May 24 at 7:30

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Léna Picot was born in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) just 20 years ago and grew up in Trégueux. Educated at the Jean-Jaurès school, then at the Léonard de Vinci college and at the Rabelais high school. She is passionate about photography, travel, cinema and dance.

Winner of an online competition

Léna pursues higher education in performing arts with a cinema background alongside a degree in English in Rennes 2. So far nothing very original except a rather brilliant profile.

But for Léna, value does not wait for the number of years! At 19, she won a streaming competitionwhich allows the distribution of videos on the internet, and won a prize including the tidy sum of 2,500 euros.

This competition was organized by the online bank Floa with live promotion provided by the professional streamer Hctuan on the Twitch platform.

2,500 euros for child protection

Such a sum is not nothing! Léna decides to invest it in the creation of a non-profit association to help young people followed by the child protection.

This is how Filme ton monde was born with the aim of showing Costa Rica, its biodiversity, its local communities and its magnificent landscapes to seven young people from MECS (social children’s homes) from the urban area. briochine and make a documentary film with them.

Alone to manage everything

“I passed my BAFA (certificate of aptitude for the functions of animator) in 2021. I had to invent a project and this project is similar to the one I presented: I love cinema, travel and mixing cultures », Explains the young woman. “Costa Rica is the first country to eco tourism in the world, there are associations on site. »

Videos: currently on -

The objective is also to show young people something other than their daily lives and teach them the different professions linked to cinema and for them to create their own projects.

Léna Picot

From management to communication, Léna is all alone to manage her association. She organized sales of posters and tote bags designed by Nissa Painting.

This allowed him to make himself known and reimburse the initial costs. She put together a file to obtain scholarships for youth initiatives such as the youth trigger scholarship from the Fondation de France.

Sustainable tourism

Léna already has a contact in Costa Rica: the ecotourism agency Autenteo created by a Frenchman, Morgan Toubois, who also has an endowment fund, Solidéo, which finances solidarity projects in South America including a biological station in Costa Rica.

For three weeks, the group of young people will film their trip to places excluding mass tourism. On site, they will meet Costa Ricans and discover biodiversity.

Sponsors for the rental of cinema equipment would be welcome. And a Litchi prize pool is online.

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