prices in France this Friday May 10, 2024

Fuel prices in France: A constant concern for motorists

Fluctuations in fuel prices continue to worry French motorists, in a context where any variation can considerably affect the family budget.

Lead Free 98 (E5)

Unleaded 98 (E5) is currently selling at €1.990 per liter, marking a slight increase since last year (+7.9 cents or +4.10%). However, over the past week and month, a very slight decrease should be noted (-1.0 cents and -0.1 cents respectively), indicating relative stability in the immediate future.

Lead Free 95 (E5 and E10)

For those who prefer Unleaded 95, the price of E5 is slightly lower, at €1.910 per liter. It saw a more notable decline than the SP98 over the past week (-2.9 cents) and month (-2.6 cents), but remains up over the past year (+5.4 cents ). For its part, Unleaded 95 (E10) is at €1.903 per liter, with drops of -1.3 cents over the past week and -1.1 cents over the past month, but an increase of +7.9 cents over a year. These small short-term declines suggest temporary price stability, news that may be welcomed by consumers.

BioEthanol E85

BioEthanol E85, generally considered a more economical alternative due to its significantly lower price than traditional fuels, is €0.898 per liter. This fuel benefited from a significant decline of -23.4 cents over the year (-20.70%), despite a slight increase over the week of +0.4 cents. This type of fuel therefore remains a profitable option for those with compatible vehicles.

Diesel (B7)

Concerning Diesel (B7), often used by diesel vehicles, the liter sells for €1.748. This fuel was down -1.0 cents for the week and -6.6 cents for the month, although it was up +8.3 cents for the year. This recent downward trend may be of slight consolation for many motorists dependent on this type of fuel.


Finally, LPG, an alternative appreciated for its lower pollution, sells for €1.011 per liter. It suffered a modest increase during the week and month (+1.4 cents and +0.9 cents), and +1.0 cent over the year, thus remaining an economical option for motorists concerned about the environment.


In summary, although fuel prices show a trend towards stability or slight short-term declines for the most part, the increase observed over the year for several fuels reminds motorists of the importance of remaining attentive to price variations. . Fuels such as BioEthanol E85 and LPG remain interesting alternatives both economically and ecologically. However, caution remains in order, and it would be wise to regularly monitor these developments to optimize fuel expenses.

Fuel price variations in France show complex dynamics, influenced by numerous international and domestic factors. As the market continues to transform, the need for consumers to stay informed and for policymakers to promote sustainable alternatives has never been more important. In this context, renewable energies and alternative fuels such as BioEthanol E85 and LPG appear to be wise choices for anticipating future market developments.

Today For a week Since one month Since a year
Lead Free 98 (E5) 1,990 €/l – 1.0 cents/l (-0.50%) – 0.1 cents/l (-0.10%) + 7.9 cents/l (+4.10%)
Lead Free 95 (E5) 1,910 €/l – 2.9 cents/l (-1.50%) – 2.6 cents/l (-1.30%) + 5.4 cents/l (+2.90%)
Lead Free 95 (E10) 1.903 €/l – 1.3 cents/l (-0.70%) – 1.1 cents/l (-0.60%) + 7.9 cents/l (+4.30%)
BioEthanol E85 0.898 €/l + 0.4 cents/l (+0.40%) – 0.4 cents/l (-0.40%) – 23.4 cents/l (-20.70%)
Diesel (B7) 1.748 €/l – 1.0 cents/l (-0.60%) – 6.6 cents/l (-3.60%) + 8.3 cents/l (+5.00%)
LPG 1.011 €/l + 1.4 cents/l (+1.40%) + 0.9 cents/l (+0.90%) + 1.0 cents/l (+1.00%)


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