“If this story wasn’t true, I would have written it much better”


Donald Trump with his lawyer, Susan Necheles, at Manhattan Criminal Court, New York, May 9, 2024. JEENAH MOON / AP

Two women, two Trumps. The miracle of this duplication occurred Thursday, May 9 in the trial against the former president for falsification of documents, of which there was very little discussion. The first, Stormy Daniels, admits to hating him but now owes him world fame. The other, Madeleine Westerhout, was invited to work with him at the White House as an executive assistant.

The contrast between these witnesses – the former porn actress, all claws out, and the precious secretary, handkerchief in hand to wipe away her tears – was spectacular, beyond their appearance. Stormy Daniels stood stoic in the storm of a cross-examination questioning her credibility and the story of her sexual affair with Donald Trump, delivered Tuesday. Madeleine Westerhout described a considerate, scrupulous, hard-working president, but above all a model husband, of whom the jury had never heard. Nor the American public.

Susan Necheles, Donald Trump’s lawyer, was responsible in the morning for accusing Stormy Daniels. She began by questioning his reputation, repeating over and over, in countless questions, these simple words: ” Earn money “. “I asked for money to tell my story,” retorted Stormy Daniels, while specifying that the revelation would have “placed a target on my back and my family”. Hence the signing of a confidentiality agreement in 2016, just before the presidential election, through Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s lawyer.

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Susan Necheles then portrayed the actress as the operator of a seam, this sexual relationship that the former president continues to deny. She cited the 800,000 dollars (742,000 euros) in income for her book, then her tour as a dancer, before discussing derivative products. The jurors then discovered a candle entitled “Stormy holy indictments”, t-shirts, a comic book in his glory, sold online. Did she get rich like this? “A bit like Mr. Trump,” she notes.

“My own vulnerabilities”

There was indeed something curious in this angle of attack against the former actress. Donald Trump has written several books, cited in the hearing, on how to make a fortune. He has developed his own brand in a thousand possible media, to raise funds, again and again, from his supporters, especially during his legal troubles. Recently it was $399 gold sneakers and even a bible “God bless the United States” at $60. Not to mention caps, t-shirts, mugs, photos, albums, etc.

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