Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor Who: “I didn’t think this role was so physical”

Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor Who: “I didn’t think this role was so physical”
Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor Who: “I didn’t think this role was so physical”

Revealed by his character Eric in the series Sex EducationNcuti Gatwa stood out alongside Ryan Gosling in the film barbie and today plays a leading role in the series Doctor Who. An honor that he saluted by donning a kilt, a nice nod and homage to his adopted land, Scotland, where he settled as a child, after fleeing with his family the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda .

For the launch of this new season, it is via screen and surrounded by actress Millie Gibson and creator Russell T Davies that he answers questions from journalists from all over Europe.


There is an element of innocence that I really like in “Doctor Who

“I never imagined being able to star in a series that represents the heart of British culture to this extent”, he confessed when the identity of the future 15th Doctor was made public. A challenge that Ncuti Gatwa has developed at length and patiently, since it has been almost two years since preparations for this new season of the Doctor’s adventures were launched. The challenge is above all physical – “I didn’t think you could run that much in a series, it really works the cardio”he jokes – even beyond the question of the representativeness and singularity of his incarnation of the Doctor.

For its 60th anniversary, “Doctor Who” does not give up any type of adventure

“There is an element of innocence in this character that I really like”, confides the actor who also salutes the fantastic alchemy with his partner Millie Gibson, the very first companion of the Doctor to be only around twenty years old. “I like their dynamic, this kind of verbal ping-pong that takes place between the two of them”, underlines the actress. And it’s true that their enthusiasm proves to be communicative, as is their attention to the emotions that pass through them.

In terms of great firsts, this season is also one of all transformations and disguises, as proven by the first three adventures experienced by the Doctor. Time jumps are opportunities to immerse yourself in another era, another culture. A way of translating the will of its creator Russell T Davies (Years and years) of “always keep an open door and a lot of energy, in this new season” of the series which is already sixty years old. “I believe in the power of happy endings, I wanted there to be a lot of joy and dynamism in this fiction which speaks above all of survival and freedom. That’s what makes it strong.”

“Doctor Who”: our presentation of the 60th anniversary special triple episode

As for the attachment of the LGBTQIA+ community to the series, in addition to the unwavering support displayed by Russell T Davies, its designer, it undoubtedly stems, according to Ncuti Gatwa, from the Doctor’s own personality. “Many people feel lonely and find an ideal friend in the Doctor. I think this affects everyone who doesn’t feel heard or represented enough. It gives them the opportunity to have an adventure while feeling safe.”

Actor Ncuti Gatwa has only one piece of advice to give to his future successor, as to all those who dream of accompanying the Doctor: “Craise your sneakers and have fun!”



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