2024 – Conviction for sexual assault

2024 – Conviction for sexual assault
2024 – Conviction for sexual assault

Two hours after attacking a press photographer by throwing his walker at him in the courthouse, comedian Goûchy Boy was sentenced to 21 months in prison on Wednesday for sexually assaulting a woman he treated as his “object”. sexual”.

The 52-year-old actor known for his role in Unit 9 broke out in the corridors of the Longueuil courthouse on Wednesday noon. Visibly furious at being filmed and photographed by journalists, the colossus exploded. He then threw his walker towards the photographers, according to videos posted online by various media.

In the courtroom, the clerk then informed Judge Christian Jarry that the accused – whose real name is Ugochukwu Chijoke Onyechekwa – had “just been arrested at the Longueuil courthouse on new charges”.

It was therefore in the dock that Goûchy Boy received his sentence for sexual assault. The fallen actor wanted a home prison sentence, but the judge instead imposed a sentence of 21 months in prison. The Crown demanded two years in penitentiary.

“We don’t know anything about him, he didn’t testify. He expresses no remorse. On the contrary, he made a scene. In the courtroom, he said that he was going to sue the prosecutor and the victim, or both, because it is not clear to whom his threat was addressed,” recalled Judge Jarry.

“Without any indication of recovery, it would be illogical and hazardous to give weight to rehabilitation,” concluded the magistrate.

As the only mitigating factor, the judge retained the absence of a criminal record, while the aggravating factors are numerous, including the breach of trust and the significant consequences on the victim.

“I became his puppet”

The 6’5″ colossus, who now uses a walker, gave his victim a hellish night. He had developed a relationship with this woman he put on a film set.

One evening, after an argument with the accused, the woman was in tears and in a “little ball” in the bedroom. She is scared. Ignoring his condition and his tears, Ugochukwu Chijoke Onyechekwa decrees that he wants a sexual relationship. The victim’s buttocks belong to him, he said.

“In shock, terrified, incomprehension and feeling threatened, I fell under the influence of my attacker, I became his puppet,” said the victim, during the sentencing observations. The woman has since suffered from severe post-traumatic shock and hypervigilance.

Me Tiziana Daniele was the Crown prosecutor, while Me Kristina Markovic defended the accused.

Ugochukwu Chijoke Onyechekwa faces a charge of sexual assault in another case.



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