Agricultural campaign 2024: The price of cotton revised upwards to boost production

For the 2024-2025 agricultural campaign, Mal is banking on 11 million tonnes of cereals for an investment of more than 280 billion CFA francs

The Higher Council of Agriculture (CSA) was held on April 30, 2024 in Koulouba under the chairmanship of Colonel Assimi Goïta. This annual meeting allows us to take stock of the past agricultural campaign and plan the one to come.

Part of an ambitious plan, the projections for the next campaign aim to gradually increase annual cotton production and to develop millions of hectares intended to significantly improve yields. This plan will be supported by the continued supply of fertilizers, partially subsidized by the state.

This plan for the 2024 agricultural season provides for a production of more than 11 million tonnes of cereals for an investment of more than 280 billion FCFA. In 2023, cereal production amounted to 9.9 million tonnes, that of cotton to 590,558 tonnes, 99,748 tonnes of red meat, 13,661 tonnes of milk. To boost its production, the purchase price of a kilogram of 1st choice seed cotton will increase from 295 to 300 CFA francs. The 50 kg bag of mineral fertilizer is set at 14,000 F CFA compared to 3,000 F CFA for organic fertilizers, 1,500 F CFA per kg of hybrid corn seeds and 17,500 F CFA for a kilogram of ovalis bio-stimulant .

This 14th session not only reaffirmed the central importance of agriculture in the economy, but also in the social and political stability of Mali. She revealed a deep commitment to transforming the agricultural sector in 2024, by introducing new technologies and supporting farmers in the face of climate challenges, to effectively combat food and nutrition insecurity.

Kader Toé

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