N1 Federal – D21 | Saintes achieves the feat before the last day!!

Saintes (credits – Guillaume Boitiaux)

One day before the end of the competition, the Renards de Saintes achieved the feat by beating Dreux-Vernouillet on home soil, retaining their precious 3rd place (26-28). In the other matches, Lanester also carried out a great operation by winning against Élite Val d’Oise (32-33), to send Gonfreville back into relegation position after its defeat in Mulhouse (30-23).

The penultimate day of the Nationale 1 federal group was not without surprises: far from it. At the top of the table, the FoxesUS Saintes, who were only ahead of their competitor Mulhouse-Rixheim by a small point, had a lot to do with a trip to the leader. A team of Dreux-Vernouillet more than solid, still not assured of its first place, and who had only known victory since December and a setback in Annecy. The match will be tight from start to finish, and none of the teams will manage to create a gap of more than 2 units during the first act (12-13, 30′).

Saintes scores before the shock

By two goals in quick succession Tanguy Le Fur, the visitors took a first gap of 3 units which would not last (12-15, 32′; 17-17, 41′). However, it is the Neo-Aquitaine who manage to lead the way until money time, well helped by the former Parisians Noah Lenclume (7/12) and Loïck Spady (9 saves, 38%). But the experience of local Eurelians will speak as money time approaches: with a Dmytro Gunko still as reliable on the back base (7/9), the USDV inflicted a 5-1 on its opponent to get back in front at the start of money time (17-20, 44′; 22-21, 49′). Still neck and neck in the last 4 minutes, a valuable save from Spady followed by 2 goals in quick succession from the left-handed winger David Garcia allow the Foxes to achieve a solid and oh-so-valuable prestigious success in the rankings (26-28). The leader thus suffers his first home defeat of the season, and thus runs the risk, in the event of a defeat against Tremblay on the last day, of losing his 1st place to CSAV Annecy. On the Saintes side, the equation is simple: the reception of ASPTT Mulhouse-Rixheim on May 25 will serve as the final for the second qualifying ticket for the Proligue. And thanks to their success this weekend, a draw would be to their advantage…

Mulhouse-Rixheim (credits – Frédéric Bocquenet)

L’ASPTT Mulhouse-Rixheimaware of the stakes, did not miss his meeting with Gonfreville. Despite the new excellent performances of Maxime Langevin (9/15, including 4 pen.) and Enzo Pelissier (16 saves, 35%), the match was quickly folded by the Alsatians in steamroller mode (20-11, 36′). The young left back Lenny Bouhzam (24 years old) took advantage of this to shine the spotlight with 7 goals in 9 shots (30-23). If logic has been respected, the Normans find themselves in an unfortunate position in the ranking, and fall to last place, relegated.

Lanester’s great operation

Indeed, the Dragons of Lanester continued after their great victory last week. Facing theElite Val d’Oisethe Morbihannais were able to lead the start of the match (5-9, 13′) thanks to an excellent Paolo Bardi (7/10, including 5 goals in the first period). If the locals will come back to the level at the break, thanks to a good collective game and skilful wingers, the Violets will manage to regain control of the match as the last quarter of an hour approaches. In attack, they will be able to count on a Andy Dumitrache quite simply exceptional: the winger scored no less than 12 goals during the match, including 9 in 9 shots over the last 25 minutes! A performance which will comfort Breton supporters who recently learned of his extension at the club, as well as those of Paolo Bardi or Corentin Boy. But despite a good lead at the start of the money time (25-29, 50′), the Val d’Oisiens by Simon Lavialle And Romaric Biglietti will lead to a dazzling comeback (32-30, 55′). With a cool head, Lukas Buchta’s men did not give up and managed, 2 saves Maxime Pages and 2 goals from Dumitrache later, to take the lead again 20 seconds from time (32-33).

Andric Brun, Lanester (credits – Vanessa Broussier)

For the first time in a long time, Lanester’s men are no longer relegated: the last day will also be crucial with the reception of Hazebrouck, while Gonfreville will host the ACBB. It should be noted, however, that the Dragons did not wait to prepare for the future: in addition to the extensions previously mentioned, the club has already announced 4 recruits: the pivot of Bourgouin Jallieu Leo Fauvetthe Cherbourg right-back Paul Lefevre and left rear Maxime Richeton, coming from Annecy. We also include the former youth international Hugo Bonnat in the cages, who is naturally struggling to find a place in Istres between two goalkeepers at the top of the international basket: Vincent Gérard and Xoan Ledo. A recruitment so far marked by young talents who have already shown their qualities at this level. On the Elite Val d’Oise side, we note that in addition to preparing for the last day against PSG, Christian Latulippe’s men have a great end-of-season challenge to play with final of the French Federal Cup on Saturday May 18 against Saintes.

Martigues & ACBB end their season well

In the other matches, two teams from the bottom of the table carried out great operations: the most striking being that ofAthletic Club Boulogne-Billancourt facing the young people of PSG (33-31). It took strong nerves from the Hauts-de-Seine players to hold their own Tony Mendy, Louis Perreux And Noa Narcisse (7, 7 and 6 goals) for 60 minutes. Never safe, the partners of the center-half and captain Hugo Le Bail (6/10, including 2 pens.) will manage to break away in the money time to achieve a success which brings them closer to 8th place, and ends the hopes of 4th place for the Parisians. In the North, it is Martigues who came to surprise Hazebrouck (29-31) and thus remains neck and neck in the ranking with the ACBB. As you don’t change a winning team, the Bucco-Rhôdaniens were still able to count on the gunners Matthew Limousin And Jean-Thomas Pelegri (8/13 and 7/13) to extend the lead and take the lead (7-11, 16′; 16-19, 36′). Nothing is won, however, and on 3 consecutive goals from the Moroccan international Youssef Zaroili, from its left wing, the Northerners take the advantage (21-20, 42′). In a very tight money time, it is the goalkeepers and backs of the visitors who will manage to make the difference to win.

Jean-Thomas Pelegri, Martigues (credits – Guillaume Boitiaux)

Finally, Annecy managed to win when receiving the reserve of Tremblay. In an offensive match, as could be expected, the locals will take the first advantage and will perfectly manage to muzzle Youness Mansari, one of the main opposing dangers (1 goal in 13 shots). The debates are balanced in the second act, with the goals of Tom Fretigne And Dylan Regulus for the visitors (8/10 and 7/9) and the Annecy gap no longer exceeds 2 units: the locals will however manage to maintain the lead in the final moments (36-33), and thus remain in the running for 1st place in the group.

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Antoine Piollat



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