available in two sizes including a 13 inch model

available in two sizes including a 13 inch model
available in two sizes including a 13 inch model

’s tablet has been improved with the integration of the M2 chip.


  • Apple updated the iPad Air during its Let Loose event.
  • The company introduced a 13-inch version for the first time.
  • Prices start at $599 for the base model, going up to $799 for the 13-inch model.
  • The iPad Air also has Wi-Fi 6E and 5G connectivity.

Apple refreshes the iPad Air at its Let Loose event

Apple announced during his event Let Loose a major update for the iPad Air for the first time in over two years. The latest model is equipped with an M2 chip, less advanced than Apple’s most recent chipsets in order to keep costs reasonable and differentiate it from the iPad Pro.

A faster tablet with increased dimensions

The latest version’s M2 chip allows the tablet to be about three times faster than the previous iPad Air model, powered by 2020’s A14 Bionic chip. Even more notable, Apple is offering an iPad for the first time Air with a 13-inch screen, offering approximately 30% more surface area compared to the traditional 11-inch model. Both formats will continue to be available on the market.

An attractive price for better storage capacity

The 11-inch model starts at $599, the introductory price of the previous iPad Air, while the 13-inch version is available at $799. An additional $150 is expected for each model with cellular connectivity. Pre-orders are already open with availability scheduled for May 15.

Apple has also increased the base storage capacity of the iPad Air to 128GB. The maximum capacity is now 1TB. Consumers will have the choice of two new finishes – blue and purple – in addition to the starlight options and space gray already available.

Modern features for better use

Other updates include the relocation of the 12 MP front camera to the landscape edge of the screen for better framing during video calls. Also worth noting, the new iPad Air features dual microphones to minimize background noise and support for spatial audio through its stereo speakers. Finally, it is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G, promising double internet performance compared to the previous model, according to Apple’s claims.



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