NASA video shows what happens if you go inside a black hole; watch the journey into ‘nothingness

NASA video shows what happens if you go inside a black hole; watch the journey into ‘nothingness
NASA video shows what happens if you go inside a black hole; watch the journey into ‘nothingness

Eversince their discovery, black holes have always intrigued humans as it is impossible to reach the cosmic body of extremely intense gravity. Due to extremely strong gravitational force of a black hole, even a light ray cannot escape the cosmic object. National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently released a 360-video to explain how does it feel like to take a dive into the black hole.

The one-minute-and-seventeen-second-long video provides an immersive experience to the viewers to understand what lies into the heart of a black hole. The immersive visualization of the journey into ‘nothingness’ was created by Goddard scientists on the Discover supercomputer at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation.

The video would help viewers to visualize how a journey into nothingness looks like. The video takes viewers to he event horizon, which is also known as a black holes ‘surface’. The horizon marks the outer edge of black holes.

The video project was completed by astrophysicist Jeremy Schnittman from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in collaboration with scientist Brian Powell.

What is a black hole?

According to NASA, black hole is an astronomical object with an extremely strong gravitational pull which doesn’t even let light escape it. Black hole’s surface is known as event horizon. It is a boundary after which even light cannot escape from the black hole. Matter and radiation fall in, but they can’t get out.

About NASA’s video showing plunge into a blackhole

The destination of the video is a supermassive black hole, which is similar to the one located at the center of Milky Way galaxy. Since it is not possible to even see a black hole (because light cannot escape from its surface) an accretion disk surrounding the black hole has been taken as a virtual reference during the fall. Accretion disk is a flat, swirling cloud of hot, glowing gas. Another circle of photon rings near the black hole serves another reference point for viewers.

The creation of the video generated around 10 terabytes of data, which is equal to half of the estimated text content in the Library of Congress. The spectacular visualization was complimented by the music from song “Beautiful Awesome,” composed by David Husband and James William Banbury [PRS],

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