what to see and do in Toulon, in the Var (part 2)

Between its harbor, its historic city center and its gardens, Toulon has many assets to captivate visitors for a weekend. Overview of five other unmissable places in the Var capital.

While wandering the Mediterranean coast for the holidays, a detour to Toulon is a must. Its beaches, its landscapes, its heritage… The reasons to visit the town of Var are legion. The spirit of both Provence and Maralpine is found there to form a captivating whole that attracts tourists.

The inimitable harbor of Toulon

Toulon harbour. Photo: François Schwarz/​Flickr

Obviously, one of the city’s emblematic places cannot be ignored. We are talking here about the famous harbor. One of the largest military ports in the country, the site is protected by the Giens peninsula to the east, and that of Saint-Mandrier to the west. We discover real treasures there, between the beaches, coves and other historical monuments.

The Royal Tower, Fort Balaguier and many others await you there. Embark on a little Croisette in a beautiful setting. You will see military ships at the dock, fortifications, not forgetting the marine cemetery, but also magnificent views of the coast. Duration of the sea trip, approximately one hour.

The rich heritage of the Old Town

Back on earth now, with an obligatory passage through the heart of the city. From splendid fountains to rich cultural heritage, through architecture in multiple styles, without forgetting the open and ornamented squares, this sector of the municipality will delight you. Get lost in the alleys to soak up the atmosphere, before coming across remarkable decorations.

On Place Raimu, a sculpture of the “card game” pays homage to Jules Auguste Muraire, Marcel Pagnol’s favorite performer and native of Toulon. It is therefore no coincidence that a little further away, Place des Trois Dauphins, we can observe his bust, just like his statue, Place Victor Hugo.

Also explore the Sainte-​Marie-​de-​la-​Seds cathedral, whose first stones were laid in the 11th century, or the many cafes, plane trees, historic buildings and wooded parks in the area.

Provençal market and friendly halls

During your excursion, don’t miss the typical Provençal market. Every day, except Monday, browse the producers’ stalls promising you fresh local products.

To complete this gourmet stroll, head to Les Halles, accessible since 2021. Inside an Art Deco building, taste the work of cheesemakers, caterers, wine merchants and other pastry chefs. A real living space dedicated to conviviality.

Following this gourmet stop, head to the Arts district in the Old Town. Completely renovated, it hosts galleries, artisans, boutiques, friendly restaurants and trendy bars.

In a festive atmosphere, day and night, head out into the lively streets where there is no shortage of ways to have fun.

Lung of the city, the Alexandre 1st garden

Finally, to take a deep breath in a green space, pass through the doors of the Alexandre 1er garden. In the heart of Toulon, this green lung extends over 20,000 square meters. Stroll among the trees and plants of all horizons.

Water stairs and ornamental pools add a touch of freshness. Also plan a detour to the bandstand, which has been renovated to give it a makeover, without forgetting the children’s play areas and picnic tables.

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