Samsung is refunding the VAT on its 4K TVs and these are the last days to take advantage of it

Samsung is refunding the VAT on its 4K TVs and these are the last days to take advantage of it
Samsung is refunding the VAT on its 4K TVs and these are the last days to take advantage of it

There are several ways to lower the price of a product. But Auchan and Samsung have discovered a new way to save you money: refund the VAT on any purchase of a television from the Korean manufacturer before July 8.

Do you want to treat yourself to a brand new TV, but don’t necessarily want to spend an astronomical sum for it? There is a solution for you, especially during this end of sales period. Until July 8, Samsung and Auchan are doing their utmost to lower the price of televisions from the Samsung catalog.

How? Well, on the one hand, by offering immediate discounts on the most prominent models in the catalog, and on the other, by offering to reimburse the VAT on a good part of these same models. In the case of a TV like the UE55AU7025, for example, you can take advantage of an immediate discount of 50 euros and a refund of around 74 euros. Enough to bring down the price of this 55-inch 4K TV to 347 euros.

Before going into details, here are some references on promotion:

Samsung TQ65Q60C: a VERY affordable QLED TV

On paper, the Samsung TQ65Q60C has everything going for it. A large 65-inch screen and, above all, a QLED display that dazzles the eyes thanks to Quantum Dots technology. Combined with Quantum HDR, it allows you to enjoy an impeccable image in all circumstances: contrast, brightness, depth of blacks, color fidelity, it’s hard to find fault with it.

But image quality is not its only asset. This TV also offers an extremely satisfying user experience. Thanks to Tizen, Samsung’s proprietary interface to start with. It allows access to a whole bunch of connected features such as downloading applications or accessing streaming and SVoD platforms.

The presence of an HDMI 2.1 port will delight gamers of all stripes by giving them access to the best in terms of in-game image with ALLM or VRR. A Gaming Hub will also allow you to enjoy Cloud Gaming applications such as Xbox Game Pass or GeForce Now.

Available on the Auchan online store, the TQ65Q60C is currently benefiting from a big promotion (immediate reduction and cumulative ODR) of around 275 euros which reduces its price from 899 to 624 euros.

Samsung TU75CU7105: large format 4K within everyone’s reach

What’s better than a big screen to fully enjoy your favorite content? A big screen packed with features, each one more useful than the last, no doubt. And with the TU75CU7105 and its 75 inches, you’ll be served. Powered by Tizen, it is capable of accessing many connected properties. SVoD, Replay or Streaming services, applications, personal assistants (thanks to SmartThings): you’re spoiled for choice.

Better still, the presence of extensive connectivity, including an HDMI 2.1 port, gives it great versatility. This allows it to offer an advanced experience in video games, especially with current consoles. On the image side, nothing to complain about either: this screen benefits from PurColor and Cystal UHD 4K technologies which allow it to display bright and faithful colors, with nice blacks, while the Crystal Processor 4K takes care of contrasts and brightness to constantly optimize the image.

The very good surprise of the TU75CU7105 probably comes from its price. Usually sold at around 899 euros, it is currently benefiting, and for a few more days, from an immediate reduction of 50 euros and an ODR allowing to recover 141 euros of VAT. Enough to lower its price to 708 euros.

And if you find that 75 inches is a bit too big for your living room, the manufacturer and Auchan offer you a model with a more reasonable diagonal with the UE55AU7025. A television with a diagonal of 55 inches that takes up the main characteristics of classic Samsung TVs: connected experience, Crystal UHD technology, increased gaming performance, etc. A television that also benefits from Samsung’s refund offer and an immediate reduction to save you around 125 euros. A screen that is already affordable in normal times, the price of which now drops to 374 euros.

How do I get the VAT back on my newly purchased Samsung TV?

Determined to save you a few hundred euros, Samsung is currently offering you a refund offer that allows you to recover the amount of VAT on a selection of televisions from their catalog. How? It’s very simple, just follow these steps:

  • To start, you must purchase a Samsung TV eligible for the operation between June 5 and July 8;
  • then, you must follow this link, and select the operation “SAMSUNG – DON’T MISS IT” before August 8;
  • then complete the file and provide the requested supporting documents, and validate your participation;
  • If your file is complete and compliant, you will receive the amount of your ODR within 4 weeks from the date of participation.


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