how technology is gradually integrating our personal and professional lives


At the end of 2022, the ChatGPT conversational robot will amaze the whole world by answering complex questions with striking confidence. Its prowess is making headlines in the media, the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) are injected like a virus into the sales pitches of many companies, money is flowing freely for start-ups in the sector, which are raising Billions of Euro’s. But, for a long time, we struggled to understand the role that this textual generative AI is called to conquer in our personal and professional lives. A year and a half later, its uses are starting to emerge from the vagueness.

The multiple skills of conversational AI

A banal chat/conversation window: this is the first appearance that textual generative AIs took on, and it remains the habit of ChatGPT. To query these “conversational” AIs, you have to talk to them like a friendly Mr. Know-it-all by typing a question in natural language. “Which French athletes have obtained the most Olympic medals? »For example.

Their capacity for understanding is remarkable. They respond in a few paragraphs in clear French. They are not afraid of complex questions like “why have world records progressed over the past century? ». And as these AIs keep the last question in memory, we can ask them again: “does nutrition play a role? ». From time to time, however, their answers contain frank errors, also called “hallucinations”. ». Health, money, politics: all crucial information must therefore be verified.

Conversational AIs have other skills. They can write draft letters, useful when you are uncomfortable with French, uninspired or in a hurry: “Write a letter to justify the absence of my 6 year old child. » They can also summarize texts. According to the tests of Monde, in this exercise, their paid versions are more effective: they are more willing to accept long texts and the import of documents. Their ability to summarize saves time, but, again, their hallucinations require caution.

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Add to your selections

Consumer conversational AIs are available on the web and also as a mobile application. Registration is often required. Please note: some are cut from current events. Information from Le Chat, the conversational robot from Mistral AI, stops at 2021, that of the free version of ChatGPT (3.5) at 2022. You must subscribe (23 euros monthly for ChatGPT 4) to benefit from a Connected AI with fresh information. A refinement that Microsoft and Google AI offer for free. Another advantage of connected chatbots: they tend to hallucinate less often.

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