This 4K drone for less than 30 euros is a hit today: Here’s why

This 4K drone for less than 30 euros is a hit today: Here’s why
This 4K drone for less than 30 euros is a hit today: Here’s why

Drones are a perfect way to capture sublime landscapes from above, or to enjoy the thrill of aerobatics. Even if the majority of entry-level models are considered more like toys, there are exceptions like the F10 Pro HD drone, which aims to be an aggressive quality/price ratio. Even more so with the offer of the moment on AliExpress, which gives 66% discount to the device, to position it at the price of 26.47 euros instead of 78.50 euros. Among the more than 190 reviews left on the article page, the vast majority express their satisfaction, with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. And one of the most interesting points of the promotion is the sending free, done in 6 days.

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The 4K drone is an accessible reference for taking flight

The F10 Pro HD drone is one of the most attractive quality/price ratios for a device of this type. Thanks to the controller provided, you can control the machine over 1,000 m, with a battery life of 20 minutes. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can see what the camera is filming in real time. Speaking of it, know that it can take photos in 4K, as well as capture videos in Full HD. And with its miniature size, which gives it a weight of 249 g, it is more easily transportable and usable in the eyes of French legislation. An alternative version is also available, to get more battery, longer control distance and additional features.

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