How to make your kot a safe place?

How to make your kot a safe place?
How to make your kot a safe place?

The student world is sometimes a little oppressive. We may feel emotionally overwhelmed, and The main thing is to take care of your mental health. A “safe place” may refer to a mental or physical space where you feel safe, comfortable and protected. And it is important that you feel good emotionally in your room. So, Kotplanet gives you 6 tips to make your kot a safe place.

Move it in to your liking

It is important tohave a kot that looks like us. This is still the place where you are likely to spend most of your time. So you need to feel comfortable there. Plants, frames, photos of your loved ones, garlands, etc. So many elements that allow you to create a pleasant cottage that suits you. Want to have an even more pleasant kot? Here are the 5 essentials to make your guest room pleasant.

Put on background music

Sometimes silence is heavy. Even if you are often in the noise, too much silence can become oppressive… so, don’t hesitate to add background music: such as a podcast, a playlist or ambient noises. Do you have to study? We even have the perfect playlist for studying, relaxing and studying at the same time.

Create a relaxation space

If you have a large cottage, this is ideal: a relaxation area. So, when we talk about a relaxation space, we’re not talking about a place with a yoga mat and incense. But we’re talking more about a quiet place, where you would go and relax whenever you want… just relax. Because your office is work, your bed is sleep, and your kitchen is food. The advantage of the relaxation area is that you can really come there to recharge your batteries, to read or have a coffee.

Have appropriate lighting

Are we too quick to underestimate the benefits of lighting? But a safe place is a good place to live, and a good place to live is good light and warm. Because we’re tired of white lights that sting your eyes in the morning, but we’re also tired of dark places. So, don’t hesitate to change light bulbto buy new lamps, and to make your kot a bright AND warm place.

Invite your friends

A safe place can be a place, but also a person. For example, your safe place, the place where you feel best, can be your best friend’s room, but it can clearly be your best friend. SO, don’t hesitate to invite your friends to feel good. If you feel that morale is declining, organize a small activity with themor you can just sit and chat. It’s important to talk to your friends and feel good around them.

Take moments for yourself

In your room, you probably find yourself doing dozens of activities: parties, outings, studying, sports, etc. But the most important thing, in a safe place, is to refocus on yourself. And for that, you must not hesitate to take moments for yourself, and at home. Just to take a breather. SO, take advantage of having a tidy and well-placed kitchen to recharge your batteries.

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