Huawei’s Innovative Product Launch event in Dubai launched several new flagship products

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DUBA, United Arab Emirates, May 9, 2024 /CNW/ – On May 7, at Huawei Dubai’s Innovative Product Launch event, the company announced major new smart audio, wearable and desktop products, including the all-new shows HUAWEI WATCH FIT3, the revised and corrected HUAWEI MateBook

This product launch was of great importance for the brand, as it is the first time in several years that an international event of this scale has taken place, with so many products launched simultaneously in multiple markets, offering not only consumers of new innovative hardware, but also unveiling software solutions developed in-house, such as the GoPaint application. As explained during the introduction, Huawei will also examine the contributions HAWEIXMAGE has made to photography, through technological innovation, product development and cultural promotion. mobile photography. Immediately after the launch of this product, the company will organize another Dubai event, titled A Heartwarming World -12Years of Huawei Photography.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 watch: A perfect fusion of fashion, sport and technology

The Fashion Forward slogan perfectly captures the essence of Huawei wearables, while allowing the company to continue its quest to be recognized as a premium brand. The all-new WATCH FIT3 watch inherits the classic square design of previous FIT models, while the materials, manufacturing processes, interaction design and expanded number of strap colors represent a complete upgrade. All of the design element innovations add up to a cohesive realization of Huawei’s Fashion Squared concept. A super-large 1.82-inch AMOLED high-definition floating screen provides a wider, more three-dimensional visual experience. The aluminum alloy watch frame has a chic texture. Thin, at 9.9mm wide, and weighing just 26g, the watch frame is no heavier than a milling cutter, making it the lightest and thinnest product in its series. With a diverse range of color options and a dynamic user experience incorporating the dazzling rotating scroll crown, the WATCH FIT3 watch is not only easy to use, it’s also an attention-grabber.

Form-wise, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT3 aims to play the role of a personal trainer placed on the user’s wrist. The StayFit app has been completely upgraded. Its food database has been expanded to better cover 50 different countries and regions, and a new nutritional analysis feature has been added, helping users find the right balance between diet and exercise, and leverage science to get insight. healthier weight loss. The WATCH FIT3 also marks the debut of SmartSports which recommends doing certain types of exercises for a certain duration, based on the user’s habits, weather conditions and the progress of the activity rings, in order to to encourage users to adopt healthy habits.

When it comes to health monitoring, the WATCH FIT3 features the HUAWEI TruSleeptm4.0 app, which is a significant improvement over previous versions. TruSleeptm4.0 covers a more comprehensive range of physiological indicators, its sleep scoring system has been improved, and it offers interpretation of sleep patterns as well as personalized advice. Additionally, the new Sleep Breathing Awareness feature allows users to sleep with peace of mind. The WATCH FIT3 watch is also equipped with HUAWEI TruSeentm5.5 health indicator monitoring, with 30% more stable heart rate tracking. The pulsed oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement interface has also been redesigned, and the user can check their current SpO2 in just 25 seconds.

The new MateBook X Pro and MatePad 11.5″S: tools for joyful creation

On December 12, Huawei organized a product launch event in Dubai, focusing on the Creation of Beauty concept. With this event, Huawei wanted to indicate that its product concept was moving from smart office to creating beauty, with products aimed at helping all users create unique and beautiful works and express their creativity.

The new version of HUAWEI MateBookXPro inherits the technological innovation, aesthetic design and intelligent experience, which are part of the DNA of Huawei personal computers. Technological breakthroughs have made it possible Huawei from build a laptop that is both lightweight and powerful. The device weighs only 980g, and is only 13.5mm thick. This is the only other laptop with a high-performance Intel processorCoretm Ultra9 weigh less than 1kg.

Huawei has applied systematic product innovation to MateBookXPro, from core elements like HUAWEI CloudFalcon architecture and SharkFin heat dissipation system to SuperTurbo adaptive performance acceleration technology, delivering powerful performance that will better support users in their creative projects. In addition to allowing Huawei from Making the MateBookXPro lighter, HUAWEI’s CloudFalcon architecture results in a more compact layout of the laptop’s internals, with tangible benefits in battery life, heat dissipation and audio production . The SharkFin heat dissipation system has been completely upgraded, so even in high-load scenarios like playing 4K video or compiling code, the software will run at maximum efficiency. The latest version of SuperTurbo intelligently allocates system resources, allowing users to start and open large files with incredible speed, and switch between tasks in microseconds.

The Creation of Beauty concept presented last December reached a form of apothesis during the last Huawei event organized in Dubai, with the launch of the HUAWEI MatePad11.5″S, the first productivity tablet to be equipped with the next generation display HUAWEI PaperMatte Display. Huawei has revealed the impressive specifications of its MatePad 11.5″S, including its 3:2 aspect ratio (very close to the legendary golden ratio), 144Hz refresh rate, and resolution. of 2.8K.

PaperMatteDisplay’s innovative design lowers surface reflectivity to less than 2% and eliminates 99% of light interference, so that in brightly lit indoor environments, or even outdoors in the sun, users can read text or watch movies. videos.

The tablet also comes preinstalled with the Notes app. Longtime Notes app users will discover new additions, like the Note Replay feature, which lets you take simple notes while recording a meeting. Afterward, users can simply tap a note to return to the corresponding time point in the audio recording, making information retrieval easier and more efficient than ever.

Huawei’s in-house developed painting app: a creative tool for everyone

To offer the pleasure of painting to all its customers, Huawei has launched its GoPaint application developed by itself.

This application was jointly developed by Huawei 2012Laboratories and other research and development teams working in eight areas, including materials, physical optics and graphics rendering. Huawei also worked with the best art team to create an app with clear and realistic writing and painting effects. It includes over 100 different virtual brushes and innovative textures, allowing users to paint from realistic and natural textures. Powered by the FangTian painting engine, GoPaint can apply a multitude of layers, and offers low latency and high frame rate for instant response to the user’s brush movements. Combining the powerful performance of Huawei tablets, GoPaint is an authentic, professional, intelligent and easy-to-use painting application that will appeal to amateurs and professional creators alike.

Huawei spent three years researching and developing GoPaint. While the resources devoted to this endeavor would have been enough to develop a new tablet, the goal was instead to offer tablet users around the world a free painting app to download, in the hopes that everyone could create beautiful things.

Huawei said GoPaint would include a comprehensive set of tutorials to help users understand each tool in the app. Users will be able to learn as they go, starting with the simplest aspects and gradually deepening their knowledge of high-level functions.

Additionally, the Innovative Product Launch revealed the FreeBuds6i earbuds, featuring enhanced noise cancellation capabilities. The Dubai event also highlighted the HUAWEI MateBook14, a laptop offering a professional 2.8K OLED display, the HUAWEI WATCH GT4 watch, now available in green, and the HUAWEI WATCH4Pro Space Edition watch, the new cosmic aesthetic . In the days following the product launch event, taking place from May 8-10, Huawei will host an exhibition titled A Heartwarming World -12 Years of Huawei Photography at the Concrete space on Alserkal Avenue Dubai. This will be the largest photography exhibition ever organized by Huawei. The incredible photographic works on display in Dubai can also be viewed online on Huawei’s official social media channels.

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