Twenty-five years later, Nokia unveils a new 3210

Twenty-five years later, Nokia unveils a new 3210
Twenty-five years later, Nokia unveils a new 3210

Already seen a few days ago, the 3210 version 2024 is now official and promises to be an icon in the landscape of “dumbphones”.

In recent years, if we have been facing an increase in features that are not always very useful, another trend is starting to emerge: that of “dumbphones”, in other words phones that go back to basics and do not allow you to have the functionalities of a smartphone.

From Snake to the 2mp sensor, the 3210 is back

A way to disconnect from social media or the internet, and just send a few messages and receive calls from time to time. A trend that comes at a good time since HMD, which has acquired the Nokia brand, is announcing the big return of the 3210.

The legendary phone is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. A good way for HMD to bring it out at a time of “digital detoxification”. It’s done in three colors: Scuba Blue (blue), Grunge Black (black) and Y2K Gold (yellow).

If the operation was first teased on social networks, HMD is formalizing the release of the product on May 8, which benefits from a reimagined and “elegant retro” design, writes the brand. In addition, we can count on a 2 megapixel photo sensor with a flash which also allows you to activate it like a flashlight, a 1450 mAh battery, which should give you long autonomy, and even the game Snake, like at the right time.

Note that two SIM ports are offered with 34mb of RAM and 128mb of storage, just that.

“The original Nokia 3210 holds a special place in the hearts of many users, as it is one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time. It is the ideal product to reimagine for the modern era, given its strong heritage and iconic design,” explains Ben Wood, founder of the Mobile Phone Museum, when asked by HMD about the importance of this model.

Its great simplicity and return to basics make the Nokia 3210 an ideal candidate for people interested in “a digital detox”. His price? 79.90 euros. It is available now on the brand’s official website.

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