Magic: The Gathering card sold for a record $3 million

Magic: The Gathering card sold for a record $3 million
Magic: The Gathering card sold for a record $3 million

A playing card of Magic: The Gathering was sold for a record sum of 3 million US dollars.

It is not necessary to have already played Magic: The Gathering to know the legendary map Black Lotus. This powerful card, released in the first edition of the game, fetches astronomical sums of money on the collectibles market.

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It’s a bit like finding a mint condition Wayne Gretzky rookie card in your grandfather’s old stuff. It’s worth its weight in gold.

For the first time, a map Black Lotus was sold on the market at a record price of $3 million.

A card grading company of all kinds, Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), was the first to report this historic sale on Instagram.

It must be said that the card in question received a perfect score of 10 from CGC, in terms of its quality and cleanliness. This may explain the price of its sale.

So far, the largest amount paid for a card Magic: The Gathering belonged to rapper Post Malone.

He had paid no less than 2 million dollars to acquire the One Ring card, a one-of-a-kind card found in Magic’s Lord of the Rings series.

Clean out the belongings of your grandparents, parents and brothers/sisters. You don’t know what you might run into!

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