Formula 2 | Dennis Hauger’s prodigious start

If the Austrian Grand Prix offered us a crazy race and the end of the friendship between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, F2 had nothing to envy. And for good reason, Dennis Hauger got out of a most dangerous trap: pole position.

The Formula 2 circus actually begins on Friday. While he has every chance of slamming pole position, Isack Hadjar’s engine goes up in smoke. As a result, the Frenchman has to settle for only seventh place on the grid. Solid. Then on Sunday, it’s Dennis Hauger who continues the curse of this pole position. And with panache, if you please.

As is customary, some tweets age badly.

Dennis Hauger’s Academic Departure

The cars are immobilized on the starting grid, waiting to be able to start and do the traditional formation lap. All start, with the exception of Dennis Hauger, Jak Crawford and Kush Maini. The reason? The three drivers have encountered a mechanical problem. If for the last two, who started in the middle of the grid, the loss is minimal, for Hauger, the fail is immense. Not only does he have to give up his pole position, but he also has to start from the pit lane.

And that’s not all, the real reason for his non-start is known; he simply stalled. Boss. His fail is obviously reminiscent of Charles Leclerc’s in sprint qualifying.

Dennis Hauger will have to settle for a 13th place finish, just behind… a certain Victor Martins. Could we have dreamed of a better race weekend in Formula 2? Yes, we act as if Isack Hadjar’s podium had not existed. Leave us in our denial, thank you.



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