Formula 1 | Gasly attacks Ocon again, the latter prefers not to comment

Pierre Gasly fired another arrow at his teammate Esteban Ocon in the paddock of the Spanish GP today.

The Frenchman said it was a “shame” that Ocon did not immediately comply with a team order at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Near the end of the race, Ocon passed Gasly for ninth as he chased Daniel Ricciardo for 8th. However, he was unable to close the gap and remained ahead of Ocon at the checkered flag, much to the latter’s dismay.

Gasly is convinced he could have fought for eighth if Ocon had let him through earlier.

“It’s a shame because personally I feel like we had a chance to get eighth place.”

“Unfortunately, Esteban took two laps to make the exchange and Ricciardo widened the gap by two seconds.”

“It’s just a shame it wasn’t done when the team asked for it straight away because we had two more points to fight for.”

“That’s about it. It’s done, let’s move on and everything will be fine.”

Esteban Ocon preferred not to respond directly to Gasly’s attack.

“I’m not going to comment on all that. I think the important thing is to move forward and focus on this weekend. Canada has arrived. The important thing is that Barcelona this weekend is a testing ground for every Formula 1 team, because everything you do in terms of testing, testing parts in the simulator, how many winter tests we did.”

“I think it will be a difficult weekend for us. We are not giving updates this weekend. If it is a normal qualifying with heat too, it could be tricky in terms of performance, but there might be rain on Sunday. We were quite competitive in Canada in the rain, and I think that opened up some fighting opportunities.

Ocon therefore dodged the question. In the meantime, has he expressed any frustrations with the team?

“I’m focusing on here. That’s all I can tell you.”



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