Wolves (116-107): Dallas leads 3-0!

Wolves (116-107): Dallas leads 3-0!
Wolves (116-107): Dallas leads 3-0!

Back in Dallas with a comfortable lead in their pocket, the Mavericks once again played with composure, success and authority. A high-flying game for Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving (66 points), decisive in the money time to ensure their victory. That makes it 3-0 Mavericks, Minnesota is facing the wall and especially facing history, since no team has ever come back from such a deficit in the Playoffs!

The statistics of this banger

The Wolves have already managed to completely reverse the trend in the previous round, against the reigning champions. Anthony Edwards and his gang have the necessary chest to reverse the course of a series which only smiles – and logically – on the Mavericks. In Texas, this overall postulate is verified during the first half. Jason Kidd’s men are having a blast, from Luka Doncic to Kyrie Irving to Derrick Jones Jr. Minnesota is playing ineffectively, Karl-Anthony Towns is still lagging behind, with terrible shooting percentages and an overall very questionable selection of shots. .

Above all, the Wolves are unable to stop the opposing machine offensively. Kyrie and Luka have fun with Minny’s defense, Rudy Gobert is sent to the pipebreaker on the two merry elves from Dallas, he suffers lightning without being able to react, while Chris Finch, instead of making real tactical adjustments , is becoming more and more vocally naughty towards the referees. The Texans’ external success (more than 45%) is up to the challenge: putting the Denver gravediggers with their backs to the wall in the series. Enough to inflate Kyle Anderson who picks up a technique after having contested too vocally an arbitration decision.

Prayers up for Derek Lively II pic.twitter.com/t3VjLRWGSE

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Great scare in the second quarter, with a big (unintentional) knee strike from KAT in the back of Derek Lively’s neck. The player remains on the ground for many minutes, returning immediately to the locker room as a precaution. At the same time, Daniel Gafford is penalized for his 3rd foul… enough to put the Mavericks under tension in the paint for the 2nd half. Will the cushion of around ten points acquired during the first 24 minutes be enough to take a huge option on the series?



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