“A great team in this final”

The reactions of the PSG coach, winner of his 15th Coupe de France against OL on Saturday in Lille (2-1) for Kylian Mbappé’s last match in the Parisian jersey, and of his Rhone counterpart Pierre Sage.

Luis Enrique (Paris Saint-Germain coach): “I would like to congratulate the players, club members and supporters who were exceptional. This team was the one I was looking for throughout the season. An ambitious team, which was not afraid, which never calculated, which was always very offensive, pressed aggressively and showed great energy. In this final, I found that we were a great team, the play displayed was very satisfactory and we were protagonists throughout the match. Well done to the team. We would have liked to play one more week and not go on vacation but that’s life! I’m going to hope for even better for the coming year, to have a recruitment of players who are more hungry for victories but, for me, I give my players a 10/10 for this season. It was a great chance for me to coach Kylian Mbappé. It was a difficult season for him. After seven years with the club and many successes, it is very hard to say goodbye. He is a player who has always been ready to help his team. Tonight was the icing on the cake despite the fact that he didn’t score any goals, he was present in all the actions. He’s a player definitely different from the others, a player who won’t be replaced, don’t look! This is the team that will make up for his departure. Maybe we will have to replace him with 4, 5 or 6 players signed. Add to that the supporters and the ambition of the club which wants to win everything. We will try to get more. Will we be able to do it? We will see, in any case it is a big challenge for any player who wants to sign for PSG. We want to make history. We will win this Champions League. Maybe in a few years but in the future yes, we will win it. »

The joy of the Parisians, authors of the Cup-Championship double (photo Anthony BIBARD / FEP / ICON SPORT).

Pierre Sage (Olympique Lyonnais coach): “There is disappointment at my level, disappointment for the players, disappointment for the supporters. We really wanted to make them happy again this evening. But in the face of this, there is also pride in the season we had and the overall performance that the players achieved. Although it will be difficult for them to hear it tonight, they can be proud and happy with what they have done. Our match gave us a bit of that hope, the possibility of raising our heads as we are used to doing. All the values ​​that this team demonstrates, everything they do even in extreme situations against opponents of this level also demonstrates that they are capable of great things even if our first period is not up to par. of the event. We defended a lot and when we got the ball back, we gave it back too quickly. Faced with this type of adversary with the qualities he has, numerous situations are created, closer and closer to the goal until the goal, a first then a second… In fact, this played out on the ability to keep the ball when we get it back. We had lined up players who had this profile but unfortunately, it was not enough. In the second half, we used the ball much better, we created situations and Paris had fewer. We knew it was important to get back to 2-1 because the psychological side could change. I think that Paris, after we scored and until Donnarumma’s save on the second corner, asked itself some questions. PSG is a very good team, the challenge was high. Faced with this kind of team, you have to play the perfect match. This shows us what needs to be achieved to compete. »




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