Hope is reborn for Limoges CSP

According to our information, Lionel Peluhet and Céline Forte are moving towards an agreement for the good of Limoges CSP.

The end of an unbearable suspense for Limoges CSP lovers is approaching. In a perilous economic situation, ordered to open up its capital by local authorities as well as French basketball authorities, the Limougeaud club should ultimately remain alive.

According to our information, the advice of Céline Forte, who took over the CSP in 2019, and that of Lionel Peluhet are very close to an agreement. It could even be finalized in the next few hours.

The Lionel Peluhet track that we revealed at the end of March, and which benefited from the support of local authorities, was the only one worthy of the name. And if Céline Forte was not excited about the idea of ​​cohabiting with the Intermarché executive and even less of handing over the club to him, she had to resign herself to it in the best interests of Limoges CSP even though the ultimatum from the higher management council expired this Wednesday evening.

Still according to our information, Céline Forte’s teams and those of Lionel Peluhet even worked together to send reassuring documents to the financial policeman of French basketball. With the ambition of allowing Limoges CSP to return to Betclic Elite next season.

Matthew Marot



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