Supporting the Euro means supporting sport

Supporting the Euro means supporting sport
Supporting the Euro means supporting sport

Supporting the Euro means supporting sport

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Everything is remarkable, in the first sense of the term, in Johan Djourou’s initiative. Here is a former Swiss international who refuses the mediocre fatality whispered one evening in February by the Federal Council: the women’s Euro 2025, organized in Switzerland, would only deserve 4 million from the Confederation, and more 15 million which had been promised at the start, when it came to parading.

This betrayed, trampled promise is an affront to women’s football. Obviously. But beyond the bitter observation about federal priorities, this questions the importance that the country wants to give to sport as a whole.

The stars of the Swiss team, supporters of the movement led by Johan Djourou, are aware of this. Stan Wawrinka too. These few names on the letter that the parliamentarians of the National Council will receive flow from a reflection on the substance.

Of course, they invite us to accept the motion, as the Council of States has already done, to remind the Federal Council of its inconsistency in releasing the 15 million promised at the beginning. In other words: a snub. Deserved.

But this mobilization is above all an opportunity to send a strong signal. Viewing sport through a narrow lens means putting the organization of major events on cities and cantons, and this is clearly the case in the mind of the Federal Council, regarding the Women’s Euro. Thinking from above, thinking about sport as a factor of national cohesion, encouraging it, this is the message that must prevail and, behind the unequivocal support expected in June from the National Council, there is a promise of a another order that is emerging. The Federal Council will have to hear it.

Supporting the Women’s Euro 2025 means supporting sport.


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