Tie up Father Tkachuk, someone!

Tie up Father Tkachuk, someone!
Tie up Father Tkachuk, someone!

You’ve probably seen the images of Keith Tkachuk, Matthew’s father, after the arranged fight between his son and David Pastrnakthe other night.

Thumbs up, the 52-year-old father was jubilant. His wife seemed uncomfortable. At one point, she told him to return to his place next to her, even though he had gone two rows down to converse face-on with a man who looked like a family member.

Tkachuk is the same man who told Panthers players to hit Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner instead of asking them for their autographs in the playoffs last year.

It is entirely legitimate for a father to unconditionally stand behind his children. But for him to encourage his boys to fight is rather embarrassing.

Let’s remember the reaction of Matthew and Brad’s grandmother when the two brothers crossed swords in a match played in Ottawa this season.

Geraldine was not happy.

You can easily read on his lips: “They should be ashamed!”

Eh yes!

There are limits

Competition is all well and good, but there are still limits to observe.

How can we also explain that Jim Montgomery gave Pastrnak permission to throw down the gloves against Tkachuk?

Obviously, he gave the classic answer saying that it’s part of the game.

But what would he have said if Pastrnak had come out of there with a broken hand or a concussion?

He probably would have criticized Tkachuk for asking Pastrnak to fight and Father Tkachuk would have been happy to see the Bruins scorer lying face down on the ice.

But since nothing unfortunate happened, everyone pats themselves on the back. Matthew Tkachuk and Jim Montgomery praised Pastrnak’s courage.

Tomorrow night in Boston, Keith Tkachuk’s wife, Chantal, who is originally from Winnipeg, might have to strap her husband into his seat.



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