“show the real version of this club for the end of the season, and not that of the last three games”

“show the real version of this club for the end of the season, and not that of the last three games”
“show the real version of this club for the end of the season, and not that of the last three games”

The Malian, who replaces Will Still after his hasty departure, takes the reins of the club for the last three matches of the season. Facing Brest, Olympique de Marseille and Rennes, the former assistant wants to finish leaving a good impression

He takes over a club in full doubt. Samba Diawara, former assistant to Will Still, whose departure was hastened on May 2, will be interim coach for the last three matches against Brest, OM and Rennes.

How are you approaching this new challenge as interim head coach?

We try to approach it in the simplest way. I am not alone since I am surrounded by all the other members of the staff who remained. Together, we will try to support the team as best as possible. Already, the day after tomorrow against Brest, and also for the last two matches against Olympique de Marseille and Rennes. We have to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and try to be ambitious too because these are interesting matches to play, against opponents of a certain quality. The objective is to show the real version of Stade de Reims and not that of the last three matches.

What is the atmosphere in the locker room after this eventful week and the departure of Will Still?

The atmosphere is not the best when there is a change of coach. The players were very close to Will (Still) and Nicolas (Still). I think they are affected, but they must tell themselves that they have some responsibility for this change. This departure comes because we were not efficient enough, and because we did not have good results. So the atmosphere isn’t the best but we’re trying to get everyone back together because there are three games left. The season is not over, there are still objectives, and we must do everything to fulfill them.

How are the players approaching this next trip against Brest, qualified for Europe after an incredible season?

I don’t think they have any fear. Facing an opponent who is the revelation this season will also allow them to gauge themselves. They would have liked to be in Brest’s place and the goal is to show that we have nothing to envy of that team, even if we know that it’s going to be very difficult, it’s going to be a special context, a festive context. But we must not take all that into account and try to be as competitive as possible and bring back the best result.

Is there a chance, depending on how the season ends, that you could be promoted to head coach for next season?

No, I will only be a temporary worker. And again, I don’t even consider myself a temporary worker. I am the assistant that I was a few weeks ago, except that there is no longer a coach and that with the rest of the staff we must fulfill this mission. Everyone becomes a little piece of coaching.



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