“I’m shocked”, “It’s crazy”, unexpected revelation

By Sophie S

– Published on May 9, 2024 at 08:02modified on May 9, 2024 at 08:28

Slimane was treated to a nice surprise on the radio. The singer was very moved and he did not hesitate to express it.

All eyes will be on his stage performance on May 11 at Eurovision. Indeed, Slimane will represent France during the famous musical competition, which will take place this year in Sweden. At 34, the singer will perform My love, a title that he composed himself and which, we hope, will fly the tricolor flag high on Saturday evening. Because as a reminder, France has never won the competition since 1977. At the time, it was with The child and the bird by Marie Myriam. Slimane is therefore charged with a heavy mission. Will he manage to convince the whole of Europe and ward off bad luck after 47 years without victory?

A competitor of choice

The fact remains that this year the France Télévisions teams have chosen a recognized and established artist. Winner of The Voice season 5 in 2016, Slimane knows the competition very well. And he also a strong community of fans ready to support it in all circumstances. Soon, they will be able to find their favorite singer on stage during a series of concerts throughout France and Belgium. Vitaa’s best friend therefore has a busy schedule ahead. He was therefore recently invited on NRJ to talk about this particularly exciting musical news. And it is in this context that Slimane was treated to a major surprise.

Slimane very moved

Journalists found images of the very first concert given by Esmeralda’s dad, when he was still a teenager. A sequence which both surprised and moved the artist: “Where did you find this? I’m shocked ! I want the video!”, he said, before giving more information on this performance: “This is my first scene in my entire life! I must be 13/14 years old. It’s incredible. It moves me a lot that you found her.” Then the singer expanded further on the emotions he may have felt That day. “I’m so happy… It’s the first time I’m on stage, it’s at the Chelles cultural center, we had been working on an urban musical for months and months.”

Lots of pride for Slimane

20 years later, Slimane still remembers “of the feeling of being on stage, of knowing that there was [sa] family who was there and who [le] watched singing.” An unforgettable moment for the young artist he was at the time: “I have a feeling, when I remember that scene, it’s pride.” The interpreter of We both will he have the privilege of feeling the same honor on Saturday evening in Malmö during the Great Eurovision Song Contest? There is no doubt that Slimane will look deep inside himself to give the best possible to France. We wish him good luck !



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