“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou and Francesca reunited for a dinner for two, the war over?

“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou and Francesca reunited for a dinner for two, the war over?
“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou and Francesca reunited for a dinner for two, the war over?

It’s nominations day in Secret Story. Exceptionally brought forward by one day, the announcement of the nominations took place this Tuesday, May 7. In the daily newspaper of May 8, it is therefore a question of strategies on who to take into the airlock on Friday.

Divide and conquer is the strategy of the quartet Lou, Maxence, Léo and Perrine. The four are indeed trying to take advantage of Perrine’s status as mistress of the house to influence the votes. Because the candidate has the power to choose the third nominee.

Kelyan changes sides

Unfortunately for her and her clan, this advantage had little weight in the votes. Like last week, each clan tries to weaken the opposing camp. Except for one detail: Kelyan is now allied with the quartet. He thus decides to follow the choice of the clan and to vote like them, against Ulysses and Justine.

But opposite, the eight other inhabitants are just as united and decide for the same duo to be sent into the airlock: the fraternal twins Léo and Lou. Both are therefore automatically nominated. Perrine, for her part, chooses Ulysses as the third nominee. All three have until Friday to collect the most votes from the public. Secret Story.

“I know I will come back”assures Ulysses in front of his clan, all convinced that Lou will return to his side, leaving Léo outside.

“Secret Story”: Zoé and Alexis really close?

The other hot topic of recent days in Secret Story, it is also the rapprochement between Zoé and Alexis. A flirtation that the residents did not fail to notice. “Some little things happen anyway…”Cassandra innocently says to the Belgian.

” No no not at all. We don’t sleep together. In my head, there is so much nothing that it doesn’t matter these connections, that he comes next to me in bed”confesses Zoé, unconvincing according to the other girls in the house.

And in the absence of real connections, La Voix decided to provoke them using the red telephone. She therefore suggests to Lou, the resident with the biggest jackpot, to spend an evening in the red room for a “date” with another person. To spice things up, the Voice has chosen to take the resident with the lowest prize pool, which is none other than… Francesca, more enemy than friend with Lou.

Lou and Francesca, towards the end of the war?

Around sushi, the two women, however, try to calm tensions and put the various misunderstandings to rest. “I mean it very sincerely, I don’t think you’re bad. You’re going a little overboard, it’s your comedia dell’arte side. But it adds a little pep to you. I have no hatred towards you and Charlène. If I had to side with people from the other clan one day, it would be you. I bury the hatchet »assures Lou.

And after the main course, it’s time for dessert, in the game area. The two candidates are in fact invited by the Voice to put their prize pool back into play. Everything comes down to luck and dice. The one who gets the highest number on the roll gets their prize back, when the other loses everything.

Against all expectations, Lou wins the game with a 2 and therefore recovers his 32,000 euros! Francesca, unlucky, only manages to make 1, and therefore loses her small prize pool of barely 2000 euros. A lesser evil for the Italian.



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