his partner Soraya finally comes out of the silence, “everything that has been said is surreal”

his partner Soraya finally comes out of the silence, “everything that has been said is surreal”
his partner Soraya finally comes out of the silence, “everything that has been said is surreal”

After weeks of speculation, Soraya, Kendji Girac’s companion, speaks out to clarify the surreal events of the night of April 22, 2024.

On the night of April 21 to 22, singer Kendji Girac was taken to Haut-Lévêque hospital in Pessac, with a life-threatening prognosis. The winner of the tele-hook The Voice in 2013 received a pistol bullet in the chest, while he was with his relatives at a Traveler reception area in Biscarrosse. The news was quickly relayed, worrying fans and friends of the young artist. After the opening of an investigation for “attempted voluntary homicide” by the Mont-de-Marsan public prosecutor’s office, the public prosecutor Olivier Janson was able to disentangle the truth from the falsehood.

Kendji Girac would have admitted to having “faked suicide” following an argument with his partner and mother of his daughter. Kendji Girac would have been under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at this precise moment. A lot of information is circulating about the couple and the drama that took place in their caravan: this is why Soraya decided to speak out.

Kendji Girac: who is his partner Soraya?

A discreet love story

Kendji Girac and Soraya Miranda have known each other for 10 years. Their eyes met for the first time in 2014 in a Swiss restaurant. ” It’s a thunderbolt. I was touched by his look. It was a few months after the victory in The Voice, he was still at the beginning of his career. I experienced our beginning of our relationship quite simply, I was still a student on the other side, in Switzerland. He was on the roads”says the young woman in an exclusive interview with Parisian.

A fulfilled family life

The young Soraya Miranda has never spoken and has never appeared in the arms of her partner, on the front pages of magazines or on red carpets. This is the very first time that she speaks, driven by the desire to reestablish the truth. For her, this balance is necessary to live happily as a family, and even more so since the birth of her daughter Eva Alba, 3 years old. “We always wanted to compartmentalize our job and our relationship to protect our relationship, to stay calm. With our daughter, it was even more obvious to stay in this state of mind with a family life”she confided.

Kendji Girac: his partner Soraya finally comes out of silence

A speech that shakes up everything

In the columns of Parisian, Soraya Miranda returned to the erroneous information that has circulated in recent weeks. First of all, she did not leave France, as was thought, and always remained at her husband’s bedside. “I was in the hospital with him, and I stayed by his side the whole time. Since her release from the hospital, we have been together with our daughter”. Finally, the mother explains that she has never been angry with her husband. “At first I was very afraid for his life, in shock, then stressed and incomprehension, but never angry,” she declared.

Soraya gives news of Kendji Girac

The young woman is very saddened that the public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan has revealed details of her private life, in particular her husband’s addiction problems and those she encounters with her in-laws. The young woman, who is not part of the Traveler community, expressed her wish to return to anonymity. Concerning the state of health of Kendji Giracshe declared that it is “in convalescence and slowly recovering”. “He is going through this ordeal with enormous strength, both psychological and physical. But the news is reassuring. He is resting, he is better and I am extremely relieved.”



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