Megan Northam for “Meanwhile on Earth”, the new film from the director of “I Lost My Body”

Megan Northam for “Meanwhile on Earth”, the new film from the director of “I Lost My Body”
Megan Northam for “Meanwhile on Earth”, the new film from the director of “I Lost My Body”

At six years old, she fell in love with the cello. She will spend ten years at the conservatory in her city of Nantes. In love with this vibrato that touches the heart and guts, she pursues the cello with flexible school hours and even makes time for other activities.

As a teenager, she excelled in hammer throws, and in sprinting too, especially the 200 meters. Added to this are contemporary dance and roller hockey. It’s the cinema option in high school that sparks the tangent. She left to study in Rennes, followed by Parisian conservatories from odd jobs in casting until this role in the short film Miss Chazelle by Thomas Vernay, which earned him two prizes and new proposals, including one with Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In The Night Passengers by Mikhaël Hers, she is the daughter of Charlotte Gainsbourg, then stands out as the daughter of Romain Duris for the series Greek salad by Cédric Klapisch.

For this role of Mia, a committed young girl, filled with doubts. She receives the female revelation prize in 2023.
The year 2024 is busy, with three feature films soon to be released, including UFO Meanwhile on Earthwhich comes out on July 3 where she gives the full measure of her talent.

The meeting of two universes

Jérémy Clapin, the director of the film, made himself known to the general public with his animated feature film I lost my body, widely praised by critics. When the latter thinks of Megan Northam to play Elsa, the heroine of his second feature film*,* the actress remembers an extraordinary meeting “ We didn’t have the same language at all. He comes from animation, I didn’t know this universe at all, at least technically. As soon as I read the script, I felt that the film, was a real UFO: a mixture of genres, hyper sensory, brutal but poetic at the same time**”. The great originality of the film lies in the mix of live action and animation. The cinema format represents reality, the life of Elsa, inconsolable since the mysterious disappearance of her brother during a space mission. The imagination is materialized by animation, which explores the inner world of the young woman.

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An all-interior role

Although he talks about extraterrestrial life, Meanwhile on Earth, uses very few special effects. A choice from the director who preferred a simple evocation, through the eyes of his heroine. Present in every shot of the film, it is the actress who makes them existWe had to find things to do, with the face, I think that not everything comes through words. It was a pleasure to convey just with a look or even with a hand placed on a tree bark. We had to explain an emotion through a simple movement.” Precision work for the latter who is very unaccustomed to working from a storyboard.

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