This star of The Boys will finally join the MCU

A little earlier today, we revealed to you that this actor from the films Black Panther wanted to be the next incarnation of Batman in James Gunn’s new DC Universe (DCU). And it seems that some stars are more than willing to move from one superhero universe to another, as fans recently learned that this actor from the series The Boys was going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but not necessarily as we hoped.

This star of The Boys arrives (finally) in the MCU

While it’s been a while since superhero films seem to have stopped being as popular as they once were, Marvel Studios and DC Studios are determined not to give up, doing their best to get back on track and win over fans again. . Because at the same time, other franchises in this register have found favor in the eyes of the public. We will think in particular of certain projects from Amazon MGM Studios, such as for example the series Invincible And The Boys.

And precisely, speaking of The Boys, it seems that one of the actors of the Prime Video series has decided to join the ranks of the MCU. Indeed, as reported by ColliderGiancarlo Esposito was present during the CCXP, and it was on this occasion that he revealed that he will appear in a Marvel project soon.


This is more than enough for fans of the actor, who has been the subject of rumors for several years on this subject, being notably approached to play Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men also known as the name of Professor X. Unfortunately for fans who were impatiently waiting to see him in the role of the famous mutant, it seems that Esposito has joined Marvel Studios for a completely different role.

The actor actually revealed that he was going to play an “original” character. Esposito shared very little information on this subjectsimply stating that his character was coming “sooner rather than later”, and that he would be even “better than you can imagine”. A statement that is obscure to say the least, which leaves the door open to all kinds of speculation.

As a reminder, Esposito is known in particular for having played Stan Edgar, the CEO of Vought in the series The Boysbut also and above all for his role as Gus Fring in the series breaking Badwithout forgetting Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian.

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And to learn more about Esposito, find out why the Hollywood star almost orchestrated his own death in the past.



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