The RN in power? “If we remove filiation, I will lose custody of my son,” fears Eloïne, a lesbian

The RN in power? “If we remove filiation, I will lose custody of my son,” fears Eloïne, a lesbian
The RN in power? “If we remove filiation, I will lose custody of my son,” fears Eloïne, a lesbian
  • On Sunday evening, if it continues its momentum from the first round of the legislative elections, the National Rally will take the keys to power and send Jordan Bardella to Matignon. This would open a new and worrying page in our contemporary history. What would this France governed by the RN look like? To find out, we give the floor to the people who make it, this France. To women, men, young people and the not so young for whom this possible political turning point could also mark a turning point in their lives.

“Of course, we’re scared,” confides Eloïne Fouilloux. She is the mother of a 16-year-old daughter and a son who will soon be 12, born through medically assisted procreation (MAP). The professor and her ex-partner each carried a child, which they adopted respectively before the 2013 law opened adoption to same-sex couples. Divorced for three years, Eloïne Fouilloux fears losing custody of the child she did not carry if the RN comes to power, she explains, emotion contained in her voice.

She gives the example of Italy, where the government of Giorgia Meloni attacked same-sex families in early 2023, a year after winning the elections. It ordered mayors to stop registering the birth certificates of children born to surrogate mothers through surrogacy (GPA). Prosecutors took the opportunity to ask to erase the name of the non-biological mother from the birth certificates of children born through medically assisted procreation, going back to 2017. Questions on which the Italian justice system remains divided.

“I would become a third party in his life again”

“Losing filiation is not a fear that comes out of nowhere,” assures Eloïne Fouilloux. “This risk exists.” Denouncing the symbolic significance of being erased from a birth certificate, the professor also lists the concrete consequences in the event of separation or death of the legal mother. “If we remove filiation, I automatically lose custody of my son since he would no longer have a legal link with me,” she emphasizes. “I would become a third party in his life again, I would have fewer rights over my child than his aunts or grandmother.” In the event of an accident, the social parent cannot, for example, pick up his child from the hospital. He also cannot make decisions in the event of health problems or at school.

FN opposed to adoption of homosexual couples

Faced with the fears raised by her party, Marine Le Pen assures that “no French person will lose rights”, but Eloïne Fouilloux does not believe these statements. “Promises only bind those who believe in them,” she believes. The RN has never hidden the fact that it was not particularly in favor of our rights.” In 2012, the then National Front opposed marriage for all and adoption for same-sex couples. It explained at the time, in a press release, that “this serious measure” “denied a biological reality: a child is the fruit of a father and a mother”.


“A law can be changed”

During these 2024 legislative elections, Eloïne remains marked by the homophobic attack perpetrated on June 9 by activists claiming to be from the RN and the far-right union GUD Paris (now dissolved). When questioned, one of them told investigators: “I can’t wait for three weeks, we’ll be able to beat up as many PDs as we want,” reported ReleaseThis statement, which comes on top of the homophobic remarks made by candidates nominated by the RN, as reported by several media outlets, has rekindled fear in the LGBT+ community of being the target of more violence if the far right comes to power.

In France, the 2013 law protects the filiation of same-sex couples, unlike in Italy where adoption is not authorized from birth. “A law can be changed,” Eloïne Fouilloux looks lucidly. “We know what we have for now, but we also know what we can lose.”



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