In Mimos in Périgueux, these acrobats will take over the facades of the Mondoux

In Mimos in Périgueux, these acrobats will take over the facades of the Mondoux
In Mimos in Périgueux, these acrobats will take over the facades of the Mondoux

“We’re organizing a snack!” The magic word is pronounced, and the children of the Mondoux school in Périgueux (Dordogne) cannot resist, Thursday July 4th at the end of school, which is also the day before the summer holidays. Madeleines and fruit juice are offered by Mimos and by the collective La Horde dans les pavés, which will offer two performances of its acrobatic stroll mixing circus, dance and Parkour, Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th.

In “Impact of a race [Mimos] X Stadium”, seven artists will climb on roofs and facades, and even pass through residents’ apartments. The Mondoux district is, however, a plan B, activated only a month ago due to lack of authorization from the owners approached in the city center. But the show fits perfectly into the decor according to Coline Rouliès, in charge of public relations for Mimos. “It makes sense because there will be a demolition plan, and there are also a lot of vacant housing units.”

To build a bond with the local residents, the artists organized a snack after school on Thursday, July 4.

Honorine Morel-Jean

Temporary cohabitation

Périgord habitat, which has agreed to have its buildings transformed into an open stage for a weekend, plans to raze 64 homes and rehabilitate 80, after a first phase of work completed in December 2023. The show by La Horde dans les pavés will perhaps be one of the last projects carried out before the demolition. The seven climbers and two musicians, who arrived on site Thursday, want to build a temporary cohabitation with the residents.

“They watch us rehearse, it makes them curious and at the same time they don’t see everything,” smiles Constant. “It’s just little bits, and we’re not in costume. During the show, the children almost become our accomplices, sometimes they tell the audience where to stand because they know what we’re going to do.”

Support from street educators

The Mimos teams are doing real field work to encourage residents to follow the stroll, which lasts about an hour. “We put up posters, little notes in school bags, we’ve been talking about it in the neighborhood for a while now,” explains Coline Rouliès. “Last year, we didn’t do all that and the show on rue Jean-Macé didn’t take off, there weren’t many people.”

Mimos also relied on the prevention association Le Chemin, which works with young people aged 11 to 21 in Mondoux, Saint-Georges and the city centre. With success for Virginie, a street educator, delighted with the success of this snack. “There are a lot of people, whereas during the day the public spaces are not very busy in the neighbourhood.” And a mother said, before walking away: “See you Saturday!”

Practical. This Saturday, July 6 at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, July 7 at 3 p.m. (brought forward due to the elections). Open to all. Free. Meet at the Mondoux school, 1, rue Gabriel-Lacueille.



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