Mayoral Story: Michèle Lalonde and Sainte-Adèle

Mayoral Story: Michèle Lalonde and Sainte-Adèle
Mayoral Story: Michèle Lalonde and Sainte-Adèle
July 2, 2024 at 10:57 a.m.

By Editorial Staff

We asked the mayors of our region to tell us stories about their city.

As a tour guide for a day: Where do you take visitors? Why?

Sainte-Adèle is a city where the outdoors is omnipresent. In fact, people come to live here for its rural environment of forests and mountains and for its network of trails providing access to them. Consequently, it goes without saying that discovering the Mont Loup-Garou park is a “must” with its hiking and mountain biking trails, meticulously maintained by Plein air Sainte-Adèle (PASA). At the top of this mountain, you are treated to an extraordinary view of the region.

Your best memory of your city?

The famous Nostalgia evenings that annually attract thousands of people to the Parc de la Famille in July are a source of many memories, each as pleasant and festive as the last. But the memory that will remain engraved is without a doubt the show presented last year, during the 20th anniversary of Nostalgia, by Marc Hervieux who was able to rally young and old alike, lifted up by waves of love with the lights of cell phones shining brightly in the darkness of the evening on the way to the night on the mountain!

What legacy will you leave to the city?

In the context of climate change, the installation of a storm sewer parallel to the sanitary network will reduce discharges from sanitary sewers into the waters of the Rivière du Nord. This new infrastructure prevents saturating the sanitary sewer with increasingly frequent torrential rains. This new infrastructure is part of a broader context of maintaining and improving sanitary sewers. Thus, for any new housing, developers must pay a fee to accelerate the updating of infrastructure.

What do you want to accomplish by the end of your term?

Last March, the council members agreed to establish six priority achievements before the end of the mandate. In order to ensure their achievement, six committees were set up, bringing together elected officials and directors of the various departments. Among these priority achievements: the creation of an active mobility plan; the implementation of a housing policy geared towards young people and families; the creation of an environmental committee through the following steps: eco-responsible certification (the city’s commitment to sustainable development); the creation of an Environmental Department as well as the creation of an environmental advisory committee.

Sainte-Adèle special quiz

Your favorite place to go for brunch.

Restaurant la Farandole

Your favorite place to move.

Doncaster River Park

The place where the city is most beautiful.

The waterfall at Doncaster River Park

A product unique to your city.

A beach in the city center

Describe your city in one word.

Plein air



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