2024 Legislative Elections: Vernon, the “city in Eure that most resists populism” according to the mayor

2024 Legislative Elections: Vernon, the “city in Eure that most resists populism” according to the mayor
2024 Legislative Elections: Vernon, the “city in Eure that most resists populism” according to the mayor


Maxime Laffiac

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Jul 2, 2024 at 6:28 PM

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When the results were announced at the town hall, only a few timid applause rang out. On Sunday, June 30, in Vernon, the New Popular Front led by Pierre-Yves Jourdain came out on top in the first round of the early legislative elections in the 5th constituency of Eure. He obtained 33.58% of the votes cast, ahead of Frederic Duchy (Horizons) who won 32.14% of the vote and the outgoing (RN) MP, Timothy Houssincollecting 27.09% of the votes cast.

“We pushed it back with a simple policy”

“Once again, we are the city in Eure that is most resistant to populisms. The RN is relegated to third position. Proof that for ten years, we have made it decline with a simple policy: results before speeches”, reacted the mayor François Ouzilleau, substitute for the candidate Frédéric Duché (the elected official from Vernon was head of the list during the legislative elections in June 2022. He was beaten by Timothée Houssin during the second round, Editor’s note).

The united left is shoulder to shoulder with us. We must listen to it and provide answers in our local and departmental policies. This also demonstrates, as we have always said, that this municipality is very heterogeneous and that only overcoming divisions within the framework of a republican arc can respond to the challenges and expectations of a certain number of Vernon residents.

François Ouzilleau, Mayor of Vernon and substitute for Frédéric Duché

However, on paper, the situation seems different. Comparing 2022 and 2024, the RN managed to attract 1,628 additional voters in the space of two years. In 2022, François Ouzilleau, candidate of the presidential majority, came in first with 2,871 votes. The new ticket by Frédéric Duché only managed to attract… 378 additional voters.

The plus forte progression However, the number of votes cast remains that of Pierre-Yves Jourdain, with 1,446 additional votes in his favour in two years. Of course, the participation rate must be taken into account, which is much higher than that of 2022 (66.18% in 2024 compared to 48.34% in 2022).

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Voice reserves?

Despite a very good score in Vernon, Pierres-Yves Jourdain, who came in third position in the 5th constituency of Eure, has therefore announced his withdrawal to block the RN. If his voters follow the instructions of the candidate of the united left, Frédéric Duché could come out on top in the Vernon city.

This had already been the case in 2022, when François Ouzilleau had collected 67.61% of the votes cast in the second round. Despite this plebiscite, it had not prevented the mayor from being beaten by Timothée Houssin in the entire 5th constituency of Eure, trailing by only 489 votes… Response expected Sunday evening.

Polling stations: advantage Duchy

Eighteen polling stations were open in Vernon, as part of the first round of early legislative elections. The candidate (Horizons) Frédéric Duché thus came first in nine polling stations. Pierre-Yves Jourdain, candidate of the New Popular Front, came first in six polling stations, while the outgoing deputy (RN) Timothée Houssin only came ahead of his main opponents in three.

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