“Not a single voice from the New Popular Front must be missing”: Yann Galut, Mayor of Bourges, commits to the campaign

He had been discreet until then. Yann Galut, mayor (DVG) of Bourges, is now taking part in the legislative campaign which is in full swing before the second round. On the market, in Bourges, with Loïc Kervran (Horizons), this Tuesday morning, before repeating alongside François Cormier-Bouligeon (Renaissance-Ensemble), this Wednesday.

They were opponents in 2017 in the third constituency of Cher. Seeing them side by side on the market this Tuesday shows a certain urgency in the political class. In Val d’Auron, south of Bourges, where the third constituency extends, Yann Galut was ostentatiously supporting the outgoing MP, Loïc Kervran (Horizons), in the middle of a leaflet distribution session, while the second round duel will pit him against the National Rally candidate, Pierre Gentillet, who came out on top this Sunday in the constituency.

“Are you voting here? Let me introduce you to Loïc Kervran. On Sunday, you have to vote for him, I’m counting on you,” the mayor of Bourges was waving to many passers-by, shopping bags in hand.

“The hour is so serious”

“I am here with determination,” the mayor continues. “At the end of this first round, we must block the way. Even if we do not have the same political sensitivity as Loïc (Kervran, Editor’s note), he is a good MP, who knows the terrain and who has always been on the side of the city of Bourges. I want that to continue, the situation is so serious.”

Faced with the National Rally wave in Cher, outgoing deputies in search of votes

From defense to higher education, including public services and Bourges 2028, Yann Galut listed the areas of joint work with the outgoing MP.

Pierre Gentillet, “a danger”

“I call on the people of Berruyères to mobilize. This is also the case for the other constituencies, I have a particular attachment to the third (where he was a deputy for two terms, Editor’s note). But since the first round, I have been fully behind Nicolas Sansu (outgoing PCF deputy, opposed to the RN candidate Bastien Duenas in the second constituency, Editor’s note:) and now I will also be alongside François Cormier-Bouligeon (outgoing deputy Renaissance, facing RN candidate Ugo Iannuzzi in the 1st constituency, Editor’s note:), from this Wednesday morning, at the market.”

“France has failed to defend its democracy”: Cher voters face the Republican front

“Not a single vote from the New Popular Front must be missed by Loïc Kervran on Sunday, nor by the other constituencies,” he concluded before briefly mentioning the opponent of the outgoing MP.

“Pierre Gentillet, I don’t know him, we don’t see him. I just see his extremist, pro-Putin positions, everyone knows that. He’s a danger in a constituency marked by defense and security.”

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War in Ukraine, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Europe… The answers to our questions from the legislative candidates in Cher

Matis Rapacioli



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