heavy pressure on candidates who refuse to withdraw

heavy pressure on candidates who refuse to withdraw
heavy pressure on candidates who refuse to withdraw

On the evening of the first round of the legislative elections in the Rhône, several candidates decided to throw in the towel and renounce the three-way races they could have claimed. And this, in order to increase the chances of defeat of the National Rally candidate.

But some people can’t imagine giving up when they’re on such a good path.

In the 12th constituency of the Rhône, the outgoing MoDem deputy Cyrille Isaac-Sibille came in 2nd position, a few steps behind the ecologist candidate Lucie Gaillot Durand (30.02% against 28.97%).

And while a three-way race is planned for next Sunday with Clémence Luisier (RN), the candidate of the New Popular Front is calling on Cyrille Isaac-Sibille to give her free rein to increase her chances of winning.

Lucie Gaillot Durand is not the only one to exert this pressure on the former parliamentarian, since the CGT Spectacle du Rhône has also written to her. In this letter in which she is asked to withdraw, the union evokes a fear of a “instrumentalization of culture, audiovisual and the press” et “Purges in our sectors” if the RN came to power.

The same letter will be sent in the 8th constituency to Dominique Despras and Nathalie Serre.

The situation is even more tense in this territory where the RN came out on top, followed by the NFP candidate, then the MoDem of Dominique Despras and finally the outgoing LR MP Nathalie Serre. A quadrangular that seems well on its way to remaining as it is.

Because Nathalie Serre announced that she would not withdraw: “I think I’m the only one capable of winning this second round against the RN”. But she believes that for this, Dominique Despras must give up.

That’s good, that’s also what Anne Reymbaut (NFP) thinks. The problem is that the presidential candidate doesn’t feel concerned by a withdrawal… Unless Nathalie Serre throws in the towel!

A hodgepodge that could well suit the RN, which didn’t ask for so much.



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