Sinking of a fishing vessel off Cap de la Hève: two sailors rescued

Sinking of a fishing vessel off Cap de la Hève: two sailors rescued
Sinking of a fishing vessel off Cap de la Hève: two sailors rescued


Murielle Bouchard

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June 25, 2024 at 9:04 p.m.

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The maritime prefecture by way of a press release Tuesday June 25, 2024 indicated that in the afternoon, a fishing vessel made shipwreck off the coast of Cap de la Hève. A major emergency system has been put in place and two sailors were rescued while on a life raft.

Two sailors with slight hypothermia

According to the press release from the maritime prefecture, the two sailors were located by the survey vessel Hyphos as well as the pilot boat Hirondelle, then diverted to reach the area via a hand light.

“As they got closer, they observed a life raft with two sailors on board who were being taken care of by the pilot boat. The sailors then suffer from slight hypothermia,” explains the maritime prefecture.

The pilot boat then transferred them to the port of Le Havre where they were taken care of by a rescue and victim assistance vehicle from the firefighters “then evacuated to the Le Havre hospital. »

The ship sank

On the other hand, the fishing vessel Laosk Lavar, from which a distress alert had been sent to the regional operational surveillance and rescue center (CROSS), sank.

Several means were mobilized following this distress alert and the multiple attempts to communicate with the ship which remained in vain:

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  • The H160 helicopter of the French Navy based in Maupertus (Manche);
  • The Hyphos survey vessel, close to the sector concerned;
  • The pilot boat of the port of Le Havre Hirondelle;
  • Other private vessels also diverted.

The maritime prefecture reminds that if you are a victim or witness of a maritime event, you must dial 196 or transmit the information on VHF channel 16.
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