Bernard Laporte and his palpable tension during the decisive match in Montpellier

Bernard Laporte and his palpable tension during the decisive match in Montpellier
Bernard Laporte and his palpable tension during the decisive match in Montpellier

At the heart of the tension of a decisive match, certain gestures mark the spirits and reveal the humanity behind the athlete. This is what experienced Bernard Laportedirector of rugby Montpellier, during the clash between Montpellier and Grenoble in the accession play-off. A vital meeting which could seal the fate of the teams between Top 14 and Pro D2.

The terrible pressure on Carbonel

As he watched from his seat, Bernard Laporte chose to confine himself away from view, in the heart of the locker room, during the explosive final minutes.

Louis Carbonelthen a scorer, was about to play one of the most crucial shots of his career, and the tension was at its height.

“When the referee whistled the penalty for us at the end, I had so much affection for Louis Carbonel that I was stressed for him,”

Bernard Laporte

This declaration of Laporte underlines the immense pressure felt by players in these moments when the future of a club can change with a single kick.

“I knew the pressure he was feeling at that moment. I told myself that if this happened, he would have this on his shoulders for the rest of his life.”

Bernard Laporte

Has explained Laporte, expressing his empathy towards the young striker.

Unfailing support for Carbonel

Trailing during the majority of the second half, the Montpellier team obtained a final chance to take the lead thanks to a penalty.

That’s when Louis Carbonel knew how to keep his cool, thus preventing his team from a tragic descent into Pro D2. An act that Bernard Laporte would not have wanted to attribute to Carbonel, especially for his final meeting with Montpellier.

“Louis knows, we lost points in two or three matches: a penalty to take a defensive bonus point, the drop to win in Lyon. There, he had this sword of Damocles on his head and I didn’t want him to say to himself: ‘I brought down Montpellier’. Especially not for his last match at the club”

Bernard Laporte

Shared Laporte with a touch of relief and gratitude.

A start on a positive note for Carbonel

This tension was finally crowned by the success of Carbonyl, tipping the destiny of Montpellier to the good side.

A meaningful parting gift for the young man who will join Stade Français the following season. This is how rugby reminds us that beyond competition, it is human values ​​and mutual support that shape the most memorable victories.

Photo : Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport



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