new complaint filed against Éric Coquerel

new complaint filed against Éric Coquerel
new complaint filed against Éric Coquerel

Her complaint was dismissed due to a lack of sufficiently documented elements in February 2023. Left-wing activist Sophie Tissier, a former participant in the yellow vest movement, filed a new complaint in Paris for sexual assault and harassment against the person responsible. LFI Éric Coquerel, relayed theAFP.

The investigation opened after a first complaint in July 2022 from Ms. Tissier was closed in February 2023 by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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A “permanent denial of justice that the victims suffer”

“This dismissal is once again revolting, and testifies to the permanent denial of justice that the victims suffer”wrote Sophie Tissier on the site’s blogging platform Mediapart. Through her new complaint with the constitution of a civil party filed on Friday June 21, a procedure which aims to obtain the appointment of an investigating judge, the activist hopes “that a thorough investigation be carried out, that the identities of the other victims be sought and that Mr. Coquerel be finally indicted and resigned from his functions”.

Éric Coquerel is currently a candidate for re-election in the 1st constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, in the legislative elections on Sunday June 30 and July 7. He was heard in a free hearing during the opening of an investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office in July 2022.

“After a dismissal by the prosecutor for an insufficiently characterized offense and a clear confirmation of this decision by the public prosecutor’s office, this complaint with the constitution of a civil party is a non-event”commented Éric Coquerel’s lawyer, Me Olivia Ronen, to theAFP.

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Facts “which may amount to sexual assault”

During her first complaint in 2022, Sophie Tissier told investigators that during a dancing evening, Éric Coquerel had had “strong gestures”. “His hands were sticky and slipped over inappropriate body parts […]he brushed my butt several times”, she said. The activist told him she “made it clear that he was bothering (him) and indisposing him”. Later that evening, at a nightclub, he would have it “grabbed by the waist and hips with insistence”. These facts “which may amount to sexual assault” according to her, date from August 23, 2014, in Grenoble.

The activist had claimed to have contacted the monitoring committee against sexist and sexual violence (CVSS) of LFI and to have been “despised” by the party ” For years “. The affair broke out when LFI was criticized for its internal management of accusations of sexual violence. Éric Coquerel then received the support of the leader of the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon.



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