After joining the PNM, Saint-Doulchard further embellished its season by winning the Coupe du Cher against US Vierzon

After joining the PNM, Saint-Doulchard further embellished its season by winning the Coupe du Cher against US Vierzon
After joining the PNM, Saint-Doulchard further embellished its season by winning the Coupe du Cher against US Vierzon

Despite good resistance from US Vierzon, the logic was respected this Saturday evening at the Prado with the coronation of Saint-Doulchard in the final of the Coupe du Cher (92-76).

Observing a youth final in the afternoon, Emmanuel Caquet, the Dolchardian coach, confided: “A Cher Cup cannot be refused. » Even if his team has already had a successful season, reaching the Pre-National for the first time in the club’s history, the SDBB ​​wanted to finish in style. Contract fulfilled, in a Prado where a hundred yellow and blue supporters made a lot of noise to encourage their players.

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Because Saint-Doulchard, which plays two divisions above US Vierzon, had to work hard to keep its trophy. Uninhibited, Ludovic Sochard’s players played their luck bravely in the first half. Despite a Dolchardian 9-0 in the heart of the first quarter, USV held on, maintaining a nine-length lead after ten minutes (22-31). The SDBB ​​came back to three points (30-33, 13th) but Vierzon showed self-sacrifice and intensity, through Charfoulault in attack, and Kouadri who showed deterrence under the circle in defense. As a result, USV won the second quarter with a lead of up to fifteen points (47-32, 17th).Like this action, where the Dolchardian captain Yann Pacheco was caught in a pincer movement, the Vierzon defense caused problems for the SDBB ​​in the first half.

With a disbursement of eleven units to the lemons, Emmanuel Caquet had to find the right words in the locker room. His team was much sharper in defense, leaving only two baskets (and a few shots) to Vierzon in the third quarter. And what was supposed to happen happened. As a symbol, Pacheco, the Dolchardian captain, put his team in front on the scoreboard for the first time with a lay-up (55-54, 25th). Boury, twice from three points, gave Saint-Doulchard some breathing space, who controlled the end of the game to win (92-76) despite a final burst of heat from Charfoulault (21 points).

“I’m proud of the guys”

“In the first period, we weren’t necessarily in it,” said Emmanuel Caquet, SDBB ​​coach. For the past two weeks, we have been training a little differently and we are focused on recruitment. It wasn’t a great match, but we won and everyone was able to join in the celebration against a Vierzon team who sold their skin dearly. »

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“We managed to stand up to them in the first half,” said his Vierzon counterpart Ludovic Sochard. Afterwards, when they accelerated, it was more complicated to keep up physically, we missed a little cardio. It was the end of a chapter for this team, I am proud of the guys and overall of the club, which reached four teams in the final of the different Coupes du Cher. »


US Vierzon (Pre-Regional, +20) – Saint-Doulchard BB (Regional 2): ​​76-92. Quarters: 31-22, 20-18 (halftime: 51-40), 8-28, 17-24.

Vierzon (+20). T. Charfoulault 0, L. Charfoulault 21, Quatredeniers 2, Dubois 0, Devautour 5, Kouadri 8, Touleron 0, Guilbault 2, Ngandu 14, Barrière 4. Coach: Ludovic Sochard.

Saint-Doulchard.Delory 3, Brehault 10, Pecqueux 11, Pacheco 16, Lelis 5, Gautier 10, Bonnan 8, Boury 15, Pioche 8, Bamba 6. Coach: Emmanuel Caquet.

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