Fishermen want better tracing of the origin of fish –

Fishermen want better tracing of the origin of fish –
Fishermen want better tracing of the origin of fish –

Some restaurants give misleading information regarding the origin of the fish, German-speaking fishermen denounced in the press on Sunday. The problem is also known in French-speaking Switzerland. Fishing professionals are calling for better tracking.

THE Sonntagsblick lamented that certain restaurants in German-speaking Switzerland offer fish from the lake on their menu, even though they come from Eastern countries. On the French side, it is mainly the perch which are affected by bad geographical indications. It is estimated that 75% of these fish are imported from Estonia or Poland, because the production of Lake Geneva is not enough to satisfy demand.

This is the case of chef Yannick Cohendet of Café du Raisin in Begnins (VD), who sometimes has to supplement his menu with imported perch. But he makes it clear. “We have a lot of regulars and we can’t steal from them,” he says in La Matinale on Friday.

Lack of controls

Restaurateurs can obtain them at prices almost half as high. The temptation to pass them off as Lake Geneva perch is therefore great.

Alexandre Fayet, president of the Intercantonal Union of Professional Fishermen of Lake Geneva, calls for better tracing. “It’s a problem, I don’t know if there are enough controls,” he laments at the RTS microphone, adding that controls based on DNA exist.

The important thing is that there is “no deception” for the consumer, explains Xavier Guillaume, cantonal chemist for the canton of Fribourg. “Restaurateurs are required to indicate in writing the origin of the fish which is indicated by a fishing zone, for example ‘Southwest Atlantic'”, he explains.

>> The interview with Xavier Guillaume in La Matinale:

Fishermen and tracing the contents of our plates, interview with Xavier Guillaume / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:17

Radio subject: Loïc Delacour

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