French swimming championships in Chartres: Florent Manaudou crowned in 50m freestyle

Even if he would have liked to swim a little faster, Florent Manaudou responded this Thursday, June 20, by winning the 50m freestyle with a world-class time. As a bonus, he won the generations duel against Maxime Grousset.

He is always there. Well there. Florent Manaudou, 33, proved that he still had fire in his arms this Thursday, June 20, by winning his highly anticipated duel with Maxime Grousset in the 50m freestyle final. While his big time in the 100m heats (47”90), Tuesday morning, had suggested that he was in great shape, the Marseillais confirmed his favorite distance by posting two world-class times: 21” 52 in the heats, then 21”54 in the final, at the end of the afternoon. He had not gone this fast for eight years, and therefore chose the best time to rediscover great sensations, a few weeks before the Paris Games, where he will seek a fourth Olympic medal.

We have four to five weeks to continue to build and add some coal.

“I’m very happy to win, very happy to go to the Games,” said the sprinter of the French team, as if relieved to have responded on D-day, and avoided a potential pitfall. But among champions of this caliber, frustration is never far from satisfaction. “The weather is crazy…” he continued, a little disappointed at not having managed to accelerate compared to his morning performance, where he had relaxed at the end.

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No doubt he had imagined swimming one or two tenths less. “It’s like that, there is the tension of an Olympic selection. I’m happy anyway, because I have a good level, but a little better than that intrinsically, I think. I wish I could swim faster. »

Maxime Grousset, beaten by a breath by Manaudou (21”67), for his part wanted to retain the positive. “I qualified, that’s good. Second, a little worse, but against a great swimmer like Florent, it’s still good. » The Caledonian, who will end his week with a 100m butterfly this Friday, still confided that he felt a little less comfortable than in the heats (21”66).

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“In this race, I felt a little worse, a little less tall. But I gave more energy. I remain satisfied, 50m is not necessarily easy, it can quickly turn into a disaster, we can get through it. Now we have four to five weeks to continue to build and add some coal. » The two French locomotives will now meet at the end of July, at La Défense Arena…

Today’s podiums
Ladies 200m butterfly.
1. Lara Grangeon-de-Villele (Toulouse) 2’09”26, 2. Lilou Ressencourt (Nice) 2’09”30, Juliette Marchand (Niort) 2’11”76…
Men’s 50m freestyle.1. Florent Manaudou (Marseille) 21”54, 2. Maxime Grousset (Clichy) 21”67, Pierre Lebois (Marseille) 22”18… 50 m backstroke women. 1. Analia Pigrée (Canet) 27”61, 2. Mary-Ambre Moluh (Créteil) 27”73, 3. Emma Terebo (Amiens) 27”90…
200m backstroke men.1. Mewen Tomac (Amiens) 1’55”54, 2. Yohann Ndoye-Brouard (Annecy) 1’56”48, 3. Antoine Herlem (Toulouse) 1’56”98…
800m freestyle ladies.1. Anastasiia Kirpichnikova (Montpellier) 8’26”38, 2. Anna Egorova (RUS, Clichy) 8’34”30, 3. Lucile Tessariol (Mérignac) 8’41”62, 4. Valentine Leclercq (Villefranche -en-Beaujolais) 8’44”55…

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