Switzerland attracts more and more tourists

Switzerland attracts more and more tourists

Published today at 11:05 a.m.

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Regardless of the weather, which remains very mixed, there should be even more tourists visiting Switzerland during the summer holidays. Accommodations expect an increase of up to 12% compared to 2023. This figure is based on a survey carried out for Switzerland Tourism among the most popular travel destinations. The upward trend in the hotel industry is expected to continue. This has been the case since the pandemic. Already last year, summer overnight stays reached a new record. Our country is increasingly appreciated by travelers from Southeast Asia and North America.

On the other hand, the Swiss, like the others, travel less within the borders. Only 39% of those surveyed plan to vacation in their country this summer. Last year, they were still 43%. The proportion has been falling since post-pandemic travel abroad resumed.

Shortage of skilled labor

Summer attracts more and more people. Service providers would therefore like to better distribute vacationers throughout the year to combat mass tourism. This is why Switzerland Tourism is focusing on increased promotion of autumn.

While constant growth is expected for the months of July and August, spring and late season remain more discreet. In a press release, the localities surveyed, excluding traditional tourist destinations, do not expect to be overwhelmed.

Seasonal tourist flows lead to uneven development and aggravate an already tense situation in the restaurant and hotel industry in summer. Already last year, some restaurants in popular regions were only able to open on a limited basis. If the situation has improved slightly this year, as GastroSuisse confirms, “the search for qualified personnel remains a major challenge”. A study by the professional association HotellerieSuisse reports that 30% of hotels have had to adapt their offers due to lack of labor. For example, by only renting some of the rooms or reducing their opening hours.

Martin Nydegger, director of Switzerland Tourism, however, puts things into perspective. This is just an estimate. We will have to wait until the fall for a concrete analysis of the trend and obtaining detailed figures. But the sure values, in terms of destinations, don’t lie, he confides. “It’s a very good thing that Switzerland remains attractive.” It also highlights new features, such as the new Glacier Express route for cyclists, from St. Moritz to Zermatt.

Overall, forecasts indicate a slowdown in tourism growth in 2024. “Post-Covid catch-up effects are still perceptible, but demand is likely to run out of steam.”

Sustainable development and tourism

In addition to the survey on summer vacations, Switzerland Tourism wanted to know to what extent the Swiss, compared to foreign tourists, associate vacations and ecology. A survey was conducted in our country and beyond our borders.

In Switzerland, 30% of people surveyed have chosen to offset their CO emissions at least once2 when booking their holiday or have chosen a tour operator who strives to be environmentally conscious. The proportion is roughly the same in Great Britain.

According to the study, French men and women are the most exemplary. Thirty-nine percent have already opted for a compensatory measure. France, with 45% of those surveyed, is also in the lead when it comes to the choice of accommodation with eco-responsible certification. In Switzerland, this figure is only 36%. Martin Nydegger was surprised by this result. Especially since Suisse Tourisme focuses heavily on sustainability with its label. Awareness raising that is therefore essential to continue.


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