Lot: the “Music in Albas” festival unveils its next concerts

Lot: the “Music in Albas” festival unveils its next concerts
Lot: the “Music in Albas” festival unveils its next concerts


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May 25, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

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Every year, the “Music in Albas” festival offers two high-class concerts: one classical and one jazz. This year, the festival will take place on Friday September 27 and Saturday September 28, 2024still in the church of Albas in the valley of Batchwith Stéphanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi for jazz and Xenia Maliarevich and David Harouturian in a classical repertoire.

Revealed during the general assembly of Music in Albas

Members are always interested in knowing about upcoming events. The town hall hall was busy for the general assembly of Music in Albas, which offers two concerts each year: one jazz and one classical. This year they will take place on September 27 and 28.

The activities of the past year were discussed by Jacqueline Wegner, president, who could only be satisfied with the reception given to the two performances. The still large audience and the value of the musicians contributed to these successes. The financial results, presented by Monette Destampes, treasurer, remain positive, but the artists and the rental of instruments are more and more expensive. Subsidies remain a difficult point for the association, despite the aid which has been reduced over the years. Both reports were approved.

On the program for the next festival

2024 should differ from past performances, particularly with regard to jazz. The organizers focus on music that returns to the sources, and which sends and gives pleasure for its training and spontaneity.

Two American musicians, Stéphanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi, a real-life couple who play the piano, often with four hands, will come on stage. They bring new blood to what we usually hear, a different musical phrasing. Stride, ragtime, boogie-woogie, swing for example will be part of this concert and could ignite the audience. These two virtuosos shine on all international stages.

For classical concerts, quality is not forgotten. Pianist and violinist will be present. Xenia Maliarevich and David Harouturian will play in the church to delight us. They are rising stars who give all the letters of nobility to classical music. Xénia gives her preference to chamber music.

She has given recitals in Italy, Sweden and Paris. For his part, David is a member of the Radio France orchestra. Armenian, he is sensitive to what affects his native country. He has a predilection for Brahms, whose scores he venerates. He has also directed and created numerous festivals.

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The association’s office has been renewed: president J. Wegner, treasurer M. Destampes, secretary F. Bouve. The scene is thus set, look forward to the month of September to discover these artists.

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