Seine et Marne. In Moissy, 219 housing units to complete the eco-district

By Eric Vanovertveld
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May 8, 24 at 7:00 p.m.

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46 individual houses, 44 collective social rental housing units and 129 collective housing units for purchase, these are the figures for the real estate program Myceliumlead by Bouygues ImmobilierWith l’EPA Sénartin the Chanteloup eco-district, a real small town that has emerged from the ground a few years ago to the north of the town of Moissy-Cramayel.

On Tuesday April 30, a visit allowed us to discover the broad outlines of this project which should be completed at the end of 2025, and which presents many new features, particularly on the house side. In addition to mixing 4-story buildings and houses, this project wanted to innovate by installing, in partnership with the company Wall’Uppanels with hemp concrete filling, in 11 of the individual houses under construction.

Line Magne, mayor of Moissy, Michel Bisson, president of Grand Paris Sud, and Denis Jullemier, president of Habitat 77 were present to discover the Mycélium project ©EvO/RSM77

The use of this material makes it possible to divide carbon emissions by 17 compared to a classic construction in concrete wall and polyurethane insulation. In total, 108 panels will be delivered, representing the equivalent of 1,179 m² of cladding support panels, and nearly 41 tonnes of bio-sourced materials. These panels, which will be used for the facades of the houses on both levels, will also be produced within a 70 km radius of the site, significantly reducing the environmental impact of the site.

A more sustainable and efficient response

Romain Lefebvre, director of the Île-de-France south agency at Bouygues Immobilier

“We are proud and delighted to add the expertise of Wall’UP, which, through its unique production tool and its proximity to hemp production, allows us to provide a more sustainable and efficient response,” rejoices Romain Lefebvre, director of the Île-de-France south agency at Bouygues Immobilier.

“With 219 new homes by 2025, the Mycélium program perfectly illustrates the desire of the EPA Sénart to continue to produce housing that allows economic players settling in the Sénart area to house their employees,” explains Agnès Ramillon, Deputy Director General of the EPA Sénart. Furthermore, the use of local hemp constitutes a new example of the many avenues that we are exploring with our partners for the sustainable development of the Sénart Operation of National Interest and the structuring of regional sectors for the production of construction materials. , in line with our low-carbon trajectory.”

A view of the Mycelium project ©Shoootin

With these 219 new housing units, which will be delivered at the end of 2025, the eco-district is expanding a little further, even if this project should be, for the moment at least, the last in the area. “We have made a lot of progress,” confirms Line Magne, mayor of Moissy-Cramayel. We are here in a housing ZAC, the land of which is owned by the State and which is managed by the EPA Sénart. But, I think it’s time to take a break. This project should indeed be the last, even if there is still room. We’ll see what happens next…”

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